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Zend Framework 2.2.2 Released!

The Zend Framework community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Zend Framework 2.2.2! Packages and installation instructions are available at:

This is the second monthly maintenance release in the 2.2 series.


This release features over 60 changes. Some notable changes include:

  • The cURL adapter for Zend\Http will no longer double-decode gzip-encoded bodies. (#4555)
  • A headLink() method was added to the HeadLink view helper so that its usage matches the documentation. (#4105)
  • The validator plugin manager was updated to include the new "PhoneNumber" validator. (#4644)
  • Abstract methods in the AbstractRestfulController were made non-abstract, and modified to set a 405 ("Method Not Allowed") status. (#4808)

To see the full changelog, visit:

Thank You!

I'd like to thank everyone who provided issue reports, typo fixes, maintenance improvements, bugfixes, and documentation improvements; your efforts make the framework increasingly better!


Maintenance releases happen monthly on the third Wednesday. Version 2.3.0 is tentatively scheduled for September.

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