ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-8472 Review Patch
ZF-8468 Deprecate getRegisteredRoles(), add getRoles() and getResources();
ZF-8077 Zend_Acl doesn't include necessary files
ZF-8039 Zend_Acl::removeAllow show a notice when passing null to privileges parameter
ZF-7973 Assertion implementation does not receive ACL privilege query parameter.
ZF-7895 Add methods to get defined ressources
ZF-7335 Multiple files in library/ or in tests/ don't have the svn:keywords=id
ZF-7634 multiple empty arrays in response not working correctly anymore
ZF-7497 Line endings in Zend/Amf
ZF-6999 PluginLoader.php is missing from the ZendAmf self contained package.
ZF-8540 Invalid method "getResourceLoader"
ZF-8496 Add ability for Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap to initialize a module autoloader
ZF-7997 Automatically initialize multiple databases...
ZF-7903 Resource method's code example don't match the API behaviour of Zend_Application_Resource_ResourceAbstract
ZF-7352 Resource_Translate should test registry
ZF-6811 Zend Application - Merge Config Should Overwrite ini With Array Data?
ZF-6719 Allow multiple configs
ZF-9029 Multiple files in library/ or in tests/ don't have the svn:keywords=id
ZF-8847 View resource plugin: Add ability to set doctype
ZF-8811 Zend_Application_Resource_Mail requires lowercase defaults
ZF-8692 Support multiple db adapters with Db resource plugin
ZF-8690 Rename CacheManager resource to Cache
ZF-8602 Setting = 4 in application.ini throws error
ZF-8520 Zend_Application_Resource_ResourceAbstract::setOptions kills array-element with key == (int)0
ZF-8436 Add Zend_App_Resource_Mail
ZF-8435 Zend_Application_Resource_Locale uses default locale instead of auto-discovery
ZF-6489 No documentation on the locale resource plugin
ZF-6559 Encapsulating exceptions bad for developer
ZF-8820 Add a custom position for PDF
ZF-8932 Zend_Cache_Manager breaks when for empty options
ZF-8897 Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached - getFillingPercentage fails if one memcache server is down
ZF-8856 Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached bad performance on adding setting keys
ZF-8395 Undefined offset 0 in Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached
ZF-7498 Line endings in Zend/Cache
ZF-6468 "BlackHole" cache backend
ZF-5514 Function and Class frontends always call test() before load()
ZF-8408 Typo in Zend_Captcha_Image Method DocBlock
ZF-8268 Captcha label incorrectly paired with its input field after calling $form->setElementsBelongTo()
ZF-7524 Line endings in Zend/Captcha
ZF-5728 Set session will be overwritten.
ZF-8876 UnitTest failure on Windows
ZF-8762 Zend_Form creates wrong regex pattern when using .xml as form configuration
ZF-8652 Wrap parse_ini_file
ZF-8234 Refactor Zend_Config_Writer
ZF-6521 Zend_Config_Writer_Ini adds anti-slashes to strings
ZF-6111 Add option to Zend_Config_Writer to skip section names
ZF-8887 German doc: Fault in RESTful Routing Paradigm
ZF-8594 Zend_Controller_Router_Rewrite doesn't throw an exception when not route matches
ZF-8558 Backward incompatible change in rev 19661
ZF-8515 Chaining with Route_Hostname and Route using wildcard does not work
ZF-8464 getClientIp - Missing parameter's desc
ZF-8392 Wrong desc
ZF-8354 Dispatcher : include_once statement can generate a Warning if the file does not exists
ZF-6870 Zend_Test fails silently when using Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector::gotoRouteAndExit
ZF-6654 Chaining routes with wildcard (*) does not work
ZF-8806 Problem using Zend_Currency with setlocale()
ZF-8701 Review of various parts of the german translation of the manual
ZF-7864 Zend_Currency::toCurrency() ignores option param "currency"
ZF-6817 Add currency calculations
ZF-6816 Add exchange interface
ZF-8780 Review of various parts of the german translation of the manual
ZF-8650 Fractions of second problem
ZF-8332 Zend_Date fails on 31 of month
ZF-8110 compareDate extracts false date
ZF-8044 Zend_date::setTime bug
ZF-7913 Parameters 'w' and 'N' inverted with PHP format in toString function.
ZF-7873 Docs for Zend_Date constants is misleading
ZF-7872 Date examples can be misleading
ZF-7858 ISO_8601 format wrong
ZF-7833 Zend_Date doesn't take into account the options parameter format_type
ZF-7745 setDayOfYear not working in a leap year
ZF-8931 Use of error contol operator can cause conflicts with other classes
ZF-8589 PDOException::getcode() returns string but Exception expects int
ZF-8362 Be more defensive on existence of Db Adapter in Testsuite
ZF-7707 Zend_Db_Statement_Exception should accept chained exceptions when possible
ZF-7706 Zend_Db_Statement should have a method to get the internal statement object/resource
ZF-7640 Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Pgsql::describeTable() returns length -1 for fields of the type character
ZF-1862 Table unit test failing due to muliple SQL issued during call to insert()
ZF-8344 Tests asssociated with ZF-6653 fails with Oracle
ZF-6395 Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug throws exception when using filter
ZF-5950 uncaught exception using filters on zend_db_profiler_firebug
ZF-7975 Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in Zend/Db/Select.php on line 246
ZF-6237 Wrong order used in example of the limit() method
ZF-5718 Update the documentation to reflect new behaviour regarding passed array values
ZF-4772 Zend_Db_Select - union() doesn't work at all
ZF-8902 add Proxy to __unset Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract::offsetUnset($offset)
ZF-8167 Zend_DB_Table Relationships wrong translation
ZF-2863 Zend_Db_Table - Improvement for "where" parameter in update() method
ZF-5455 Fix all spelling, grammar and formatting issues for Zend_Debug in the reference guide
ZF-7660 Zend_Dojo does not set required="false" if explicitly set
ZF-7103 The Dojo demos make the ZF full package even bigger
ZF-8006 Zend_Dom_Query_Css2Xpath direct descendants syntax breaks w/whitespace
ZF-6281 Zend_Dom_Query::_getNodeList() mishandles query arrays
ZF-8774 Zend_Feed_Pubsubhubbub_Subscriber - Date Format
ZF-8789 Zend_Feed_Reader does not parse Atom 1.0 XHTML content correctly
ZF-8467 A Feed's Categories should not include its Entry's Categories
ZF-8398 Refactor Zend_Feed_Reader return types to replace arrays/objects with ArrayObjects
ZF-8363 Zend_Feed_Reader_FeedSet should be divided across objects representing a Collection/Set and a single Element of such.
ZF-8144 Add support for categories in Zend_Feed_Reader
ZF-7870 Zend_Feed_Reader::findFeedLinks() should support multiple feeds
ZF-8895 Add support for Atom Tombstone entries (or flexible entries) in Zend_Feed_Writer
ZF-8890 Undefined index tmp_name when uploading files using Zend_File
ZF-8783 Unit test for Zend_Form_Element_Size::getFileSize fails
ZF-8693 BUG! Incorrect use switch(true)
ZF-8372 Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract::getMimeType throws exception File '' does not exist
ZF-7976 Notice at Zend/File/Transfer/Adapter/Http.php
ZF-7711 Progress_key for file upload should be taken from php.ini
ZF-7617 MimeType Validator should throw an exception instead of desperately validating with false positives
ZF-8828 Revise StripTags with ISO-8859-1 characters
ZF-8805 Zend_Filter_Encrypt_Openssl only allows to set public key through the constructor
ZF-8804 Zend_Filter_Encrypt_Openssl setKeys() function
ZF-8734 Zend_Filter_Compress_Zip should be more careful when decompressing zip files
ZF-8525 Zend_Filter::filterStatic() fails with non-Zend namespaces.
ZF-8470 add comment in Zend_Filter_StringToLower::setEncoding() and Zend_Filter_StringToUpper::setEncoding()
ZF-8415 Zend_Filter_PregReplace is not in the docs
ZF-8348 Zend_Filter_Compress tests dont clean-up correctly -> Massive failures
ZF-7918 Zend_Filter::filterStatic() include file not found warnings: namespaces
ZF-7902 Zend_Filter_StringTrim does not work when trim string is '/'
ZF-7726 [Fluent Interface] Zend_Filter_StringToUpper::setEncoding() and Zend_Filter_StringToLower::setEncoding()
ZF-7695 Wrong __construct parse for giving arguments
ZF-7243 add method __construct in Zend_Filter_StringToUpper and Zend_Filter_StringToLower
ZF-7153 Add array handling to all validators and filters
ZF-3808 Zend_Filter_Null - converts zero to null
ZF-3736 Add translator to missing messages in Zend_Filter_Input
ZF-2453 Behaviour of Zend_Validate_Input messages is not intuitive
ZF-1859 allowEmpty = false is ineffective if input rule has multiple fields
ZF-8903 Zend_Validate_Float requires $locale to be a locale or specifically null
ZF-8787 Unit tests for Zend_Form_Element_Submit fail on default translator
ZF-8784 Unit tests in Zend_Form_ElementTest fail since new NotEmpty implementation
ZF-8766 Sample code error - missing comma after setting label
ZF-8494 Add method to retrieve only valid values of a Form
ZF-8471 Misspelling - Zend_Form_Element_Captcha
ZF-8290 Zend_Form_Element_File default description decorator
ZF-8125 Zend_Form doen't set correctly a validator if have set only 1 option
ZF-7851 Call to Zend_Form_Element::receive() and then Zend_Form::getValues causes Zend_Validate_File_Count to count 2 files
ZF-7672 Zend_Form_Element getTranslator function is MEGA slow (fix included)
ZF-7526 Line endings in Zend/Form
ZF-7489 Float validator, assigned to text element via ini config, created in a way so that it is not locale-aware
ZF-6877 Zend_Form_Decorator_FormErrors does not use I18n on label
ZF-6623 Min and Max swapped in Zend_Validate_StringLength when building a form from a Zend_Config
ZF-5847 "max" option of Zend_Form StringLength validator considered as "min" option when "min" option is omitted
ZF-5764 Zend_Form should note that '0' value is valid since 1.7 even with required=>true and notEmpty validator
ZF-4453 Setting $_ignore as default value on <input type="submit"> and <button>
ZF-8786 library/Zend/Http/Response directory missing from standalone GData download
ZF-7527 Line endings in Zend/Gdata
ZF-4976 Add new DocumentsList Data API functionality for Folders
ZF-8057 Zend_Http_Client::setAuth should validate the URI when disabling authentication
ZF-8027 No getAdapter() to parallel setAdapter()
ZF-6736 Allow writing the response body into a stream
ZF-6729 Add support for streaming file uploads to Amazon S3
ZF-5708 Zend_Http_Client does not have method to clean headers
ZF-8425 Inconsistent line ending style
ZF-8346 Infocard Tests don't check for required extension
ZF-8918 missing thrown exception on decode invalid json
ZF-5280 Zend_Json::encode with a pretty-print option
ZF-8482 Minor grammatical enhancement of Zend_Json_Server
ZF-8041 Layout controller plugin renders layout even if response was redirect
ZF-5891 Allow setting layout without enabling it
ZF-8274 No ability to specify URI when connecting to LDAP server using Zend_Ldap
ZF-8263 Zend_Ldap converts attribute names of ldap objects to lowercase
ZF-8262 Zend_Ldap_Collection fails to check constraints, fails to return first result with current without seeking
ZF-8260 Interplay between Zend_Ldap and Zend_Auth_Adapter_Ldap causes issues with anonymous bind (or unbound) ldap connections.
ZF-8259 Zend_Ldap->search() fails to bind if not yet bound
ZF-8233 New options in search function: sortDir and resultChangeCase
ZF-7476 Line endings in Zend/Ldap
ZF-8817 Incorrect getRegisteredNamespaces() reference
ZF-8583 Add "mappers" to the module autoloader
ZF-8339 Update autoloader to use PIG standards
ZF-8249 Zend_Application_Module_Autoloader default resource mapping missing elements
ZF-8200 Zend_Loader cannot handle PHP 5.3 namespaces
ZF-8109 Zend_Loader_Autoloader_Resource::autoload
ZF-7228 Zend_Loader will include a file multiple times (no include_once)
ZF-6727 Zend_Loader_Autoloader_Resource generated double slash in path name
ZF-8609 Zend_Date::MONTH_NAME_SHORT is longer than 3 digits for locale fr
ZF-8030 Missing locale file for "gl_GL"
ZF-7922 Zend_Locale_Format::getFloat() throws Exception if input has only fractional digits
ZF-7556 testScientificNumbers(Zend_Locale_FormatTest)
ZF-7483 Change in Indian Rupee symbol in CLDR not incorporated in Zend Framework 1.9
ZF-7279 Zend_Locale_Format::_parseDate fails when iconv internal encoding is not UTF-8
ZF-7278 Zend_Locale_Format::toNumber does not restore iconv internal encoding setting when finished
ZF-7211 Upgrade to CLDR 1.7.1
ZF-8516 Zend_Log_Writer_Abstract::_parseConfig($config) method asArray() not exists in Zend_Config
ZF-8491 Create Zend Monitor log writer for Zend_Log
ZF-8527 Augment Zend_Mail recipient functions to take optional arrays
ZF-8503 _formatAddress creates invalid format if Email and Name are both emailaddresses (different ones)
ZF-8278 Out of memory on large sends
ZF-7702 E-Mail is sent to Reply-To if given
ZF-7008 Method setReturnPath() not working
ZF-3362 about BCC and TO in Zend_Mail_Transport_Sendmail
ZF-8862 Add and set filters for existing markups
ZF-8871 Zend_Measure bug
ZF-8665 Docblocks in several Zend_Measure_Abstract methods contain specific, rather than general, types
ZF-8592 precission should be spelled precision
ZF-8009 Zend_Measure_Abstract forces precision in setType()
ZF-8481 Misspelling - Zend_OpenId_Consumer
ZF-8476 lastItemNumber is greater than totalItemCount when using Zend_Paginator_Adapter_Null
ZF-8772 Maybe a spelling error.
ZF-8670 typo in constant name Zend_Pdf_Image::PING_CHANNEL_RGB_ALPHA at file Zend/Pdf/FileParser/Image/Png.php
ZF-302 Zend_Pdf - Drawing rounded corners rectangle
ZF-7614 Incorrect function name in the #42.2 manual entry
ZF-6265 Zend Rest Result.php does not handle invalid XML properly - error handlers are ignored
ZF-8469 Zend_Rest_Route::assemble() does not implement the $encode parameter
ZF-7656 Creating a rest controller automatically makes the default index controller also rest-based.
ZF-7598 Zend_Rest_Controller interface does not define listAction()
ZF-7437 Zend_Rest_Route defaulting to a non-existent 'listAction'
ZF-7530 Line endings in Zend/Search/Lucene
ZF-6732 Zend_Search_Lucene_Query - section 54.5.4 - incorrect search query displayed
ZF-8844 Improvements on reseting the default class loader should be given to Zend_Serializer
ZF-8842 Reflection call could be avoided
ZF-7344 Zend_Server_Reflection_Function_Abstract parameter description matching regex is broken
ZF-6996 Parameter descriptions are incorrectly parsed by Zend_Server_Reflection_Function_Abstract _reflect() regular expression
ZF-5483 Fix all spelling, grammar and formatting issues for Zend_Service_Akismet in the reference guide
ZF-8564 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3::getMimeType() should use strtolower on extension to detect path like moo.JPG
ZF-8244 Tiny improvement
ZF-8238 Move Protected EC2 Information out of Zend_Service_Amazon_Abstract to Z_S_A_Ec2_Abstract
ZF-8865 Function split() is deprecated (PHP 5.3)
ZF-5490 Fix all spelling, grammar and formatting issues for Zend_Service_ReCaptcha in the reference guide
ZF-7531 Line endings in Zend/Service/Technorati
ZF-8017 Zend_Service_Twitter_Search should not extend Zend_Http_Client
ZF-5496 Fix all spelling, grammar and formatting issues for Zend_Service_Twitter in the reference guide
ZF-8860 Zend_Service_WindowsAzure requires cURL
ZF-5806 Garbage piling up in $_SESSION when using Zend_Captcha
ZF-3209 Zend_Session::_processStartupMetadataGlobal() never unsets $_SESSION['__ZF'][$namespace]['ENVGH']
ZF-1982 Zend_Session_Namespace should have a getter for the $_namespace property
ZF-6954 Zend_Soap_Client should accept 'user_agent' http header option
ZF-7810 Zend_Soap_Server::_setRequest() should be protected not private
ZF-7802 Cannot pass an object to setClass()
ZF-7857 Parsing WSDL documents documentation is incorrect
ZF-8797 Using Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase with Zend_Application,The Resources shuold be reset
ZF-8350 Allow to set quote identifier symbol in Db Test Adapter
ZF-7837 Wrong class name listed for Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase in multiple places
ZF-7373 Zend_Test_PHPUnit fails when Controller Plugins request the 'bootstrap' param
ZF-4839 ControllerTestCase broken with PHPUnit 3.3.3
ZF-8845 application.class-name-prefix gets reset when creating a model
ZF-8840 enabling layout from cli generates extra quotes in config param
ZF-8714 Undefined variable: testModelResource /Zend/Tool/Project/Provider/Model.php
ZF-8607 [QS] Error creating action 'sign' for 'guestbook'
ZF-8588 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Loader in /path-to-zend/Loader.php on line 31
ZF-8371 create controller creates wrong views/scripts directory
ZF-8236 Implement User Config Provider
ZF-8226 Quoted argument to is passed as multiple arguments to zf.php
ZF-8223 Implement AlignCenter and Blockize Console ResponseDecorator
ZF-8199 basicloader.classes does not work
ZF-8098 Problems with duplicated PATH
ZF-7960 Incorrect filename of controller
ZF-7956 zf.cmd/ invalid view folder names for camel case controlles
ZF-7940 Zend_Tool Features for 1.10
ZF-7897 Implement a ResponseDecorator for line indentation
ZF-7855 wrong creation of module controller with zf.bat tool
ZF-7743 Modules Generation in Zend_Tool
ZF-7718 Fix Controller Name Created By ZF Tool With Module Layout
ZF-7616 Zend_Tool loads OpenId/Provider.php
ZF-7542 Creating a module named "search" creates errors when creating actions with Zend Tool
ZF-7276 "zf create action" cannot properly handle hyphenated action names
ZF-7241 show version not working with php 5.3.0
ZF-7121 zend tool create controller for module does not add module name for class controller
ZF-7098 Folder name wrong while creating MultiCaps controller using
ZF-6908 View provider produces "main" index page for all index actions, even if not in the default module.
ZF-6787 Error controller class name in module
ZF-6645 zend tool's "zf create action" command throws error
ZF-6585 Cant create actions in Index controller
ZF-6575 zf create project capitalization causes problems with view
ZF-6571 Module support for Zend_Tool
ZF-6344 error.phtml shouldn't depend upon 'development'
ZF-8448 Translate_Adapter throws warning if $messageId is object
ZF-8386 Zend_Translate_Adapter should let Zend_Cache take care of serialization
ZF-8383 Zend_Translate_Adapter_Xliff: use own attribut trans-unit id as array keys for $this->_translate instead of source strings
ZF-8375 Properly handle upper case language name in TMX
ZF-8092 Fatal error:
ZF-7941 Allow to instanciate Zend_Tranlate without file/directory
ZF-7508 Zend_Translate::isTranslated() should not log if untranslated
ZF-7214 addTranslation 'clear' option is sticky!
ZF-7130 Zend Translate Adapter folder scan issue for variable strlen locale folders
ZF-5503 Fix all spelling, grammar and formatting issues for Zend_Uri in the reference guide
ZF-1480 add 3 new methods to Zend_Uri_Http
ZF-8883 Mature change "added usage of registry local" (r17798) not merged into 1.9.7
ZF-8880 Zend_Validate_PostCode __construct method should have default $options = null
ZF-8872 return $this, Zend_Validate_PostCode::setFormat()
ZF-8868 Zend_Validate_Int validates floats?
ZF-8863 Zend_Validate_Db_Abstract __construct options
ZF-8837 Zend_Validate_Barcode_IntelligentMail should be renamed to Zend_Validate_Barcode_Intelligentmail
ZF-8836 Zend_Validate_Barcode_AdapterAbstract uses call_user_func_array instead of call_user_func
ZF-8835 Zend_Validate_Isbn uses incomplete and deprecated regular expression
ZF-8768 Zend_Validate_GreaterThan does not accept $options in array() anymore
ZF-8767 Zend_Validate_NotEmpty reports self::INVALID for every type of validation error
ZF-8689 Add a INTELLIGENTMAIL Adapter for Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8688 Add a PLANET Adapter to Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8678 Add a ISSN Adapter for Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8676 Add a ROYALMAIL Adapter for Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8675 Add a POSTNET Adapter for Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8662 Zend_Validate_Barcode returns bad informations
ZF-8660 Add a Identcode adapter for Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8659 Add a Leitcode adapter for Zend_Validate_Barcode
ZF-8645 Newlines allowed by regular expression - Zend_Validate_Sitemap
ZF-8644 Zend_Validate_Sitemap reports valid W3C dates as invalid
ZF-8643 Zend_Validate_Barcode_Code25 only accept barcodes with an even number of characters
ZF-8642 Add EAN2 / EAN5 validators
ZF-8640 Zend_Validate_Ip - IPv6 regex may allow newlines
ZF-8559 Zend_Validator_Hostname domain parts
ZF-8489 Zend_Validate_Callback does not propagate context
ZF-8351 Missing character in the error message "FALSEFORMAT"
ZF-8333 Zend_Validate::is() should not fall back to Zend_Loader::loadClass
ZF-8312 Email validation
ZF-8297 Rework Zend_Validate_NotEmpty
ZF-8272 Zend_Validate_PostCode is in the docs but not the code download
ZF-8270 Zend_Validate_Db_NoRecordExists and Zend_Validate_Db_RecordExists
ZF-8261 Allow to use only IPV4 / IPV6 validation
ZF-8253 Zend_Validate_IP incorrectly invalidates valid IP addresses
ZF-8156 Zend_Validate_Identical : __construct method doesn't take an array
ZF-8111 Error Messages not diplaying in IsImage Validator
ZF-8101 Allow Zend_Validate_Barcode to provide options to adapters
ZF-7953 Zend_Validate_Db_Abstract should use getter for adapter
ZF-7705 Zend_Validate_Date - Add Format to Zend_Validate_Date::FALSEFORMAT error message
ZF-7703 Int validator assumes 'en' Locale integers are valid, despite specifying a different locale
ZF-6731 Add Postal Code Validator
ZF-5945 Zend_Validate_Barcode_Ean13 and Zend_Validate_Barcode_UpcA error messages should handle differents keys
ZF-5632 Validate only local part of an e-mail address with Zend_Validate_EmailAddress
ZF-5587 Zend_Validate_EmailAddress validate invalid MX records
ZF-4901 MX-Check makes not too much sence - Mailserver may accept Mails without MX-Records
ZF-4514 language packs
ZF-3920 Unable to translate correct Barcode error message
ZF-3882 InArray validator for nested arrays
ZF-3164 Zend_Validate messageTemplate keys are not all unique.
ZF-2268 Zend_Validate_Callback
ZF-8875 Zend_Validate_File_Size error message does not display file size if usebytestring = false
ZF-8833 It is not possible to use the set options like headerCheck or magicfile with the Zend_Validate_File_IsImage validator.
ZF-8321 testSetAndGetMagicFile(Zend_Validate_File_MimeTypeTest) unit tests failure
ZF-5145 Zend_Validate_File_Count default messages are not using correct english for error messages
ZF-8852 Unit tests failes in windows
ZF-8848 A conditional headScript() doesn't output indent correctly
ZF-8778 Spelling error in Zend/View/Abstract.php
ZF-8565 Create a View Helper to handle the hostname
ZF-8465 Zend View Helpers manual page contains faulty code
ZF-8177 Registering helpers with views
ZF-7937 Translate helper doesn't apply "options" if no translator is defined
ZF-7724 Add a XHTML5 doctype key to allow HTML 5 users show a preference for closing tags and other XHTML serialisation related differences from HTML 4
ZF-7722 HTML 5 support for the new meta type "charset" in Zend_View_Helper_HeadMeta
ZF-5507 Fix all spelling, grammar and formatting issues for Zend_Wildfire in the reference guide
ZF-8478 getMethodSignature() returns string when system.* methods are registered
ZF-4249 Zend_XmlRpc_Value_DateTime returns false after 2038 year
ZF-3288 Custom User-Agent support in Zend_XmlRpc_Client requests
ZF-8909 ZendX lost in docs
ZF-8824 Missing semicolon
ZF-8823 Wrong method name
ZF-8440 ZendX_JQuery View Helpers error in doc
ZF-8809 ZF 1.10 unit tests should all pass.
ZF-8549 Identify caught/rethrown exceptions
ZF-8548 Identify exception classes that should be refactored
ZF-8547 Promote Zend_Exception previous exception support to trunk
ZF-8239 Missing svn:keywords Id on Filter/Null.php and Validate/Callback.php
ZF-8085 Mixed end-of-line characters in ZF source files
ZF-7875 Update version # in README.txt and library/Version.php
ZF-7612 Quickstart documentation confusion: namespace Default_ or Default?
ZF-7388 Not all code samples in quickstart have the <?php
ZF-5355 Zend Framework documentation syntax highlighting
ZF-5101 Inconsistent wording on Create a Model and Database Table page
ZF-4968 Add style comments to