ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-10898 PATCH: Allow loading application.ini.dist (application.*.dist) similar to phpunit.xml.dist
ZF-11124 Need more detail when using loggin option in Zend_Cache
ZF-11100 Zend_Cache_Frontend_File should check to see if file exists first
ZF-10511 Add a log call with level DEBUG on cache save()
ZF-11172 string with zero("0") not interpreted as string in zend_config_yaml
ZF-11177 Use HTTPS by default for all supported Zend_Gdata services
ZF-11156 Missing closing bracket and typo in code example
ZF-11155 Missing closing bracket in code example
ZF-11154 Missing closing bracket in code example
ZF-8368 Minor grammatical error in Zend_Navigation
ZF-11138 Zend_Service_Amazon_SimpleDb tests use incorrect access key constant
ZF-11137 Zend_Service_Amazon_SimpleDb_OnlineTest needs to wait/sleep more often
ZF-11238 Incorrect/confusing example for Zend_Validate_Db excluding records
ZF-11146 Czech translation of Zend_Validate messages
ZF-10989 Note: Note: appearing in coding standards docs