ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-10023 Zend_Amf_Server->_handle() sometimes uses uninitialized variable (resulting in PHP notice in AMF response)
ZF-11275 PHPUnit_Framework_AssertionFailedError : Failed asserting last action used <"get-Resume"> was "getResume"
ZF-11306 $auth was not declare
ZF-9118 Sample code incorrect in authentication tutorial
ZF-11329 Zend_Config_Yaml should ignore comments
ZF-11237 Zend_Controller_Response_Abstract::clearRawHeader() behaves incorrect when the header to remove is not present
ZF-11017 Fix for bug in routing of URLs with encoded slashes
ZF-10787 urlencoded parameters - %2F is being treated as a /
ZF-9776 Query string params not accessible when bootstrapping via Apache ErrorDocument 404
ZF-6025 Redirector Helper contains hardcoded action/module/controller parameters
ZF-3527 Zend_Controller_Request_Http url encoded BASE_URL
ZF-11113 Zend_Db_Statement_Oracle::_prepare() throws PHP-Warnings
ZF-11253 Db/Table/Abstract.php fetchRow discards any offset
ZF-3837 insert() don't return last_insert_id when empty key exists in inserted data
ZF-11316 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_Editor minHeight can be set only to em
ZF-11315 Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Editor submit problem with Chrome
ZF-11301 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_HorizontalSilder and VerticalSlider break JS for Internet Explorer
ZF-11159 wrong 'type' attribute on TEXTAREA for Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_SimpleTextarea
ZF-10960 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_Editor doesn't accept more than one separator ( char | ) in toolbar
ZF-10604 Zend_Dojo container's addJavascript() returns empty string because of preg_match() when long js string provided
ZF-10516 Empty Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_Editor returns <br _moz_editor_bogus_node="TRUE" />
ZF-10479 Setting value on Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_HorizontalSlider does not work in programmatic mode
ZF-10331 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_NumberSpinner is not supporting decimal deltas
ZF-9771 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_ComboBox autocomplete feature fails when using declarative
ZF-8453 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_NumberTextBox doesn't allow more than one constraint
ZF-5814 Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Form::form() changes the $content argument incompatibally to Zend_View_Helper_Form::form()
ZF-11184 Zend_Feed_Reader doesn't check the feed if is empty and doesn't throw an exception if so
ZF-11150 setCommentCount() doesn't allow 0
ZF-11344 HtmlEntities filter can return empty string when string contains invalid characters for current character set
ZF-11339 Return type incorrect in docblock for Zend_Form_Decorator_Label::getLabel()
ZF-11319 loadDefaultDecorators indicates invalid return value
ZF-11151 PHP Notice: Undefined variable: show in library\Zend\Form\Decorator\FormErrors.php on line 357
ZF-10865 Fatal error without a stack frame in Zend_Form->addElement when first argument is null
ZF-11101 Remove the reference to Gdata_EventEntry's Hidden attribute
ZF-1701 CalendarOnlineTest::testCalendarOnlineFeed() needs assertions/tests
ZF-11283 Zend_Http_Response extract some headers with whitespace in the end
ZF-11308 double "ipad" value in Zend_Http_UserAgent_Mobile::$_uaSignatures
ZF-11274 Zend_Http_UserAgent_AbstractDevice raises a notice
ZF-11262 typo "paramaters" in Zend_Ldap API reference
ZF-11219 zend_loader_autoloader confuses chained namespaces
ZF-10136 Wrong arrays union in Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getClassAutoloaders
ZF-11265 Zend_Mime_Decode::decodeQuotedPrintable() doesn't work at all
ZF-10236 Should Zend_Mime_Decode::decodeQuoatedPrintable user quoted_printable_decode instead of iconv_mime_decode
ZF-11331 Zend_Oauth test suite lacks proper docblocks
ZF-10851 It is not possible to set OAuth Realm
ZF-10704 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect empty binds
ZF-7434 Too many pages with empty content
ZF-11281 PHP notice when calling isSuccess() on a Zend_Service_Twitter response
ZF-10964 urldecode called twice
ZF-11157 Two instructions in one line in Zend_Search_Lucene_Storage_Directory_Filesystem
ZF-11136 Recaptcha urls have changed
ZF-11014 Zend_Service_Twitter::statusFriendsTimeline does not include option to include retweets
ZF-11277 The private function _processStartupMetadataGlobal in zend_session.php cannot unset $_SESSION['__ZF'] thoroughly
ZF-11234 Using Zend_Text_Table without autoloader results in: Class 'Zend_Text_Table_Column' not found
ZF-11190 Typo in example of Zend_Tool
ZF-11171 Zend_Translate_Adapter_Gettext fopens and doesn't fclose
ZF-11188 Ipv6 host
ZF-11334 Zend_Validate_Hostname does not identify IPv6 addresses properly
ZF-10042 Variables assignment option for Zend_View