ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-12466 Db Resource default adapter is set to String
ZF-12427 Documentation needed for adding parameter requirements via Zend_Application_Resource_Router
ZF-9615 getDbAdapter() on Zend_Application_Resource_Db incorrect behaviour
ZF-12225 Zend_Cloud_StorageService_Adapter_Rackspace requires non existing file
ZF-11874 Inform routes in a chain wether they are the last route in the chain or not
ZF-12463 Zend_Db_Profiler::queryEnd() - wrong return type defined in PHPDoc
ZF-12459 Sqlsrv driver limit/offset handling assumes the machine can add numbers above int_max
ZF-12373 Zend_Debug::dump empty result on php 5.4.х
ZF-12332 class Zend_Feed_Reader contains double semi-colons ( ;; )
ZF-12453 Zend_Feed_Writer_Feed addAuthor() throwing exceptions
ZF-11660 Wrong parameter description for setItunesExplicit($value)
ZF-12451 Passing array() to Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http::receive() will bring a warning thrown by array_key_exists()
ZF-12375 Zend_Form_Decorator_FormElements overwrites Translator assigned to a Form_Element when global Translator in Zend_Registry is present
ZF-11517 unwanted Label decorator gets added when creating Form from Config object
ZF-10519 Zend_Form_Decorator_File decorator is using static view helper
ZF-8942 Zend_Form::createElement() doesn't load default decorators -- simple fix included!
ZF-7297 Refactor Zend_Form_Element
ZF-4299 Zend Form documentation - disable escaping on form output seems unclear
ZF-11959 No such file or directory: Zend\Gdata\Calendar\Extension\EventQuery.php
ZF-12457 decodeDeflate() handles incorrectly
ZF-12450 Zend_Http_UserAgent_AbstractDevice hasFeature-Function does not work for (Boolean)false-values
ZF-12347 Zend_Json_Encoder doesn't support IteratorAggregate
ZF-12452 Zend_Json_Server parameter default value NULL'd
ZF-12356 Zend_Loader's loadFile() method always returns true.
ZF-12444 Incorrect error level in php error reporting (just fixed in 2.0 branch)
ZF-9797 Zend_Markup_Parser_Textile is unusable
ZF-12357 Typo in navigation links helper docs
ZF-11372 Zend_Navigation Should Be Capable of Determining MVC Page Class Based Solely on "params" Option
ZF-7003 Navigation_Menu view helper html render improvement
ZF-12418 Zend_Pdf_Font::fontWithPath flags "isEmbeddable" to false even if license allows embedding
ZF-11050 Zend_Queue can duplicate messages when using Postgres
ZF-12477 Don't throw exceptions on missing challenge/response values
ZF-9531 Incorrect headers when used with other services.
ZF-8721 Zend_Service_ReCaptcha_Response breaks reCaptcha API doc recommendation
ZF-12227 Zend_Service_SqlAzure_Exception require once with backslashes
ZF-12465 Session::_checkId() fails ID validation in specific circumstances
ZF-12442 libxml_disable_entity_loader() call in ZF 1.12
ZF-12349 Zend_Validate_EmailAddress incorrectly errors on valid IP for MX record
ZF-12314 Zend_Validate_Hostname has wrong IDN validation for .dk domains
ZF-12194 Notice on casting in abstract class
ZF-12397 Zend_View_Helper_Json handles $keepLayouts argument as array incorrectly
ZF-12341 Add support for RDFa 1.1 doctype
ZF-11302 Setting class on a select option
ZF-12486 XML External Entity Injection in Zend Framework
ZF-12483 Zend_Mobile Bug Fixes
ZF-12471 Minimum PHP version for ZF 1.12 is now 5.2.11
ZF-12422 Fix merging of identifiers for Zend_EventManager_EventManager (Backport from zf2)
ZF-12421 Zend_Service_Rackspace_Files storeObject cannot set content type
ZF-12343 Unclosed rounded bracket in documentation