ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-12404 Zend_Amf_Util_BinaryStream - Undefined variable on an exception message
ZF-7762 Patch against today's svn (r17952) to fix (De)serialization when str* functions overloaded via mbstring.func_overload in php.ini
ZF-12277 Zend_Config_Yaml does not support null value
ZF-11443 Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Chain does not implement getDefault and getDefaults
ZF-4773 Pass socket parameter into Mysqli constructor
ZF-11211 Manual lists wrong methods for Zend_Feed_Writer_Entry
ZF-12439 Error message code produces array to string conversion error
ZF-12387 Zend Form Element objects added via addElement() don't get default element Decorators
ZF-12210 Zend_Form_Element_File deletes its own addValidator method in isValid
ZF-11476 Zend_Form::getMessages for a sub form returns an array, causing Zend_Form_Decorator_Errors to think it has errors
ZF-10205 Zend_Form_Element_Note to allow arbatary text in forms
ZF-9914 Zend_Form - an alias for method: ->isErrors()
ZF-8758 Use renderForm(false) in the example code instead of manually pulling and echoing form metadata
ZF-8713 Zend_Form_Decorator_FormErrors add translation for Name
ZF-8694 Zend_Form_Decorator_Label Attempts to Translate Labels Twice
ZF-8452 Zend Form Element Select Implied Multiple Select
ZF-5613 Allow subforms to be initialized at Zend_Form instantiation with config
ZF-5056 value of button is empty
ZF-12500 [CRITICAL BUG + FIX] Zend_Gdata 1.12.1 feed URL generation
ZF-10243 Zend_Gdata_App, using $this when not in object context
ZF-12522 Adapter Proxy fails to add Proxy-Authorization header
ZF-9754 Zend_layout::startMvc needlessly sets options twice???
ZF-11324 Example in docs throws a warning in constructor on PHP 5.3
ZF-12514 Zend_Log_Writer_Db looks for non-existent values
ZF-12498 Zend_Measure_Length bad encoding
ZF-12417 Missing migration notes - Zend_View_Helper_Navigation proxy to helper methods cannot be found
ZF-12414 Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc marks routes with an empty parameter always active (with easy fix)
ZF-12323 Fix Windows newline issues
ZF-11442 Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc::isActive does not work for chained routes
ZF-9994 Zend_Navigation_Container improve filtering
ZF-9543 class="active" is hard-code
ZF-8951 Zend_Navigation View Helper Menu - allow different active classes for active parents
ZF-8874 Navigation Menu View Helper Output Without Whitespace
ZF-12488 adding OPTIONS support to OAuth
ZF-12501 Missing argument 2 in call to Zend_Pdf_FileParser::isBitSet
ZF-9253 Change legacy Twitter API endpoint to the new versioned API endpoint
ZF-12393 SoapFault returning is not in XML format
ZF-12492 assertHeaderContains
ZF-10461 CLONE - Zend_Validate_File_MimeType overrides default PHP fileinfo behavior
ZF-12044 Placeholder with no items but prefix set should render no content
ZF-10661 Zend_View_Helper_FormSelect should not render label attribute
ZF-7151 Add totalCount to partialLoop view helper
ZF-5962 Zend_View_Helper_FormErrors does not allow custom HTML directly from formErrors()
ZF-11592 Ability to clear stylesheets
ZF-12378 List of backup schedules in Zend_Service_Rackspace doesn't work