ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-3208 Fatal error in Zend_Filter_InputTest
ZF-3194 Zend_Layout::getView() should require HelperBroker
ZF-3157 partialLoop helper - check for ArrayObject
ZF-3153 Unit tests of Zend_Filter_Alpha and Zend_Filter_Alnum should be correct
ZF-3149 Improvement for Zend_View ->
ZF-3146 wrong behaviour conected with setElementsBelongTo
ZF-3133 Zend_View partialLoop should accept objects that implement the toArray() method
ZF-3120 Zend_Form::_sort() can't sort when ordered and unordered elements are set (with solution)
ZF-3118 Validation problem with array elements
ZF-3106 Typo in 19.4 Title
ZF-3105 Documentation should mention that the version 1.0.4 changed Zend_Filter_Input constant name from namespace to inputNamespace
ZF-3093 Propagate prefix decorators from parent form to subforms.
ZF-3083 Zend_View_Helper_PartialLoop throws exceptions when given an empty array
ZF-3069 Cannot remove a decorator based on another decorator (with solution)
ZF-3034 Module name mapping from URI to directory
ZF-3026 Bug with checked attribute in FormCheckbox helper.
ZF-3018 The Method Zend_Form_Element_Checkbox::isChecked() requires an param which is not used.
ZF-3010 Zend_Form configuration docs should note attribs can be used as config keys
ZF-3008 formCheckbox() helper documentation is out of date
ZF-3002 Wrong Zend_XmlRpc_Server's responce Content-type
ZF-2998 name attribute on <form isn't xhtml strict compliant
ZF-2997 filtername on Zend_Form_Element is typed wrongly
ZF-2995 camelCase example is MixedCase instead of camelCase
ZF-2989 DtDdWrapper is not xhtml valid
ZF-2981 Fieldset having method and action of form added to it
ZF-2975 Zend_Form_Element::setName call to $this->filtername(...) should be $this->filterName(...)
ZF-2965 Zend_View_Helper_Doctype add xHTML 1.1 doctype
ZF-2958 Zend_View_Helper_FormElement::_hidden() behaves inconsistently with doctype
ZF-2957 Zend_Form quick start incorrect
ZF-2938 Non-existing method getRequired() in Zend_Form-Elements docs.
ZF-2929 Problems with German Umlaute since ZF 1.5
ZF-2913 Legend tags for fieldset is added even when legend is empty
ZF-2901 Lighttpd rewrite rule
ZF-2890 HtmlList helper coding standards
ZF-2883 Elements in DisplayGroups do not adhere to array notation of parent sub form
ZF-2870 HtmlList doesn't pass on the escape parameter for sub lists
ZF-2860 (re)render the submitted password
ZF-2851 value "0" is treated as empty
ZF-2847 Multi Element With Arrays Calling isTranslated Produces Warning
ZF-2845 Zend_View_Helper_FormReset doesn't allow for disabled
ZF-2842 Zend_Filter_DigitsTest multibyte testing incomplete
ZF-2721 Small typo in phpdoc
ZF-2719 Missing phpdoc for properties/constants
ZF-2701 Zend_Loader::isReadable triggers E_WARNING with user defined helper paths
ZF-2684 Zend_Mail wrong encode of mail subject, if it contain underscore
ZF-2234 Invalid use of optional parameters
ZF-1992 The Zend_Rest_Server only accepts UTF-8 like XML response in the functions _handleStruct / _handleScalar
ZF-1563 QuoteInto doesn't work with Sqlite