ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-4032 Paginator DBselect adapter not propperly counting rows when using DISTINCT()
ZF-4149 Tweak Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector::setCode()/_checkCode() method signature and accepted values
ZF-4151 Iterator with zero items throws OutOfBoundsException
ZF-3873 Zend_Paginator sets an incorrect lastItemNumber when using the Null adapter.
ZF-3879 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_CheckBox renders an options attribute with value "0 1"
ZF-4821 Error parsing ini files in SVN working copy
ZF-3720 Setting the current page number causes the items to be fetched prematurely
ZF-3944 Class name Zend_Paginator_Adapter_array inconsistent with ZF Coding Standards
ZF-4001 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect
ZF-4543 Size / FilesSize Validators with maxsize > 2gb
ZF-4291 Add new Calendar type Such as the Persian, Arabic, Hebrew and ...
ZF-4315 No translation for language...available gettext Adapter
ZF-4254 Set of testLocale(Zend_Translate_...) failures
ZF-4257 testBasicLogging(Zend_Log_Writer_FirebugTest) unit test failure
ZF-4258 testBasic(Zend_Validate_File_NotExistsTest)
ZF-4277 testBasic(Zend_Validate_File_ExistsTest) Unit test failure
ZF-4255 testZF3578_InvalidOrMissingfXmlFile(Zend_Config_XmlTest) unit test failure
ZF-2018 getQueryParams() returns wrong array
ZF-4222 Zend_Layout::render include two nonexistent method in Zend_View_Interface
ZF-4215 Set the possibility to not escape title in headTitle Helper
ZF-4256 testAdapterShouldImplementValidatorInterface(Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_AbstractTest) failure.
ZF-4216 Infinite call loop in Zend_Soap_Client
ZF-4248 Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract::setOptions() doesn't overwrite options
ZF-3663 Zend Log does not work with an Oracle Database
ZF-4070 Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase::setQuery() GET params are erased during Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase::dispatch()
ZF-4152 Segmentation fault due to call_user_func_array recursion
ZF-4220 Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer: function _translateSpec: using wrong variable
ZF-4231 Syntax error
ZF-4187 Captcha session expires on 1 global hop instead of 1 namespace hop
ZF-3916 dojo->requireModule regards dash as invalid character
ZF-3217 Add overloading to decorators to Zend_Form
ZF-3501 zend_timesync missing somehwere in docs?
ZF-3632 Zend_View_Helper_Fieldset: add ability to disable escaping legendString
ZF-3706 Same code example for different elements
ZF-3914 [dojo] requireModule should be able to process an array of strings
ZF-3906 Add a filter to rename a file
ZF-3878 Zend_Dojo_Form_Element_CheckBox generates an invalid id in array notation when used in a subform
ZF-3841 Expand Zend_Dojo_Data to include custom parameters
ZF-4140 Zend_Form_Element_File - No validation / upload when required isn't set (or false)
ZF-4199 Zend_Form_Element_File::isValid misuse of $value ?
ZF-4193 Filter / Validate The Page Number on setCurrentPageNumber()
ZF-4207 Zend_Paginator should only force adapter results to implement Traversable
ZF-4201 Zend_Validate_File_Size, used with only one param require the file to be of exact size
ZF-4203 Bug with DUMP log style in Zend_Wildfire_Plugin_FirePhp
ZF-4153 The PaginationControl view helper should check for "paginator", if possible
ZF-4154 Change a code example in the documentation to better reflect recommended usage
ZF-4037 Default scrolling style not honored
ZF-4174 Missing Zend_Config_Exception require statement leads to class not found in Zend_Config_Ini
ZF-4101 Undocumented parameter in Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract::findDependentRowset()
ZF-3952 Several methods with wrong return type in the Zend_Form API Doc
ZF-4107 Zend_Config instances should perform deep copy on clone
ZF-3830 Zend_Translate_Adapter_Csv ignores include_path
ZF-3363 Zarmede sonin's web site
ZF-3576 The id conflict in Zend_Gdata_YouTube.xml
ZF-4014 Typo in "Example 21.24. Instantiating a Zend_Http_Response"
ZF-3262 Zend_View_Helper_HeadScript::itemToString() incorrectly outputs indent value
ZF-3803 Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page shouldn't check if headers have been sent
ZF-3965 Write getter and setter for private $_offset member
ZF-3982 Some dates are not possible with Zend_Date
ZF-3923 Zend_Cache::factory does not allow for namespaced custom front- or backends
ZF-3899 Zend_TimeSync_Sntp use tcp instead of documented udp protocol
ZF-3785 Zend_Locale get wrong result for the language settings.
ZF-3893 misc typos in reference manual
ZF-3804 Don't assume a fetch mode in the DbSelect adapter
ZF-3822 Paginator Control Example error
ZF-3143 Adding salting example to Zend_Auth_Adapter_DbTable
ZF-3585 Zend_Date is not fully compliant with RFC 1036, RFC 1123, RFC 2822
ZF-3772 Example using TMX format is followed by a note saying that TMX format will ignore the option