ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-3199 Zend_Http_Response::fromString($response->asString()) breaks for chunked/compressed responses
ZF-3710 Wrong class name in @return clause of Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Abstract::query()
ZF-2113 $where not properly initialized in _cascadeDelete()
ZF-3415 All vars are private instead of protected/public
ZF-3645 Zend_Mime_Part missing Content-Location header
ZF-3661 Wrong var name
ZF-3041 Zend_Mime_Message::createFromMessage() broken
ZF-3957 Zend_Form->addDisplayGroup with wrong documentation
ZF-3973 PHPDoc warnings
ZF-4118 All or most Zend_Soap_* files are containing a mix of dos and unix newlines
ZF-3437 misleading exception message for zend db statement parameters
ZF-3876 getMessage() should be getMessages() in Zend/Mail/Protocol/Smtp.php
ZF-3776 RSS/ATOM HTTP-headers does not conform to standart
ZF-4272 read-only flag has no effect in delete method
ZF-4279 Typo in Zend_Form setOptions (elementPrefixPath is accidentally unset in place of displayGroupPrefixPath)
ZF-4287 typo in OpenId/Consumer.php
ZF-4457 "Specialized" misspellings in RecurrenceException
ZF-4526 Capitalization of headers breaks file uploads
ZF-4197 is-string Typo in Zend_Controller_Response_HttpTestCase
ZF-4521 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Zend/Mime/Decode.php
ZF-4322 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Zend/Mail/Part.php on line 225
ZF-4173 Typo in Decorator/HTMLTag.php
ZF-1903 EventEntry lists wrong return values in line docs
ZF-4112 Zend_Mime_Message missing Content-Location and Content-Language header.
ZF-4209 Zend_Cache::isReadable() keeps file handles open
ZF-4233 Add support for modules to PaginationControl
ZF-4537 Zend_Date returning wrong current date!
ZF-4418 Minor fixes to AuthSub.php and Zend_Gdata_HttpClient where token revocation did not properly reset all parameters.
ZF-4691 Problem with multiple dots in the file name
ZF-4639 Undefined variable: result in Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract
ZF-4150 Zend_Form_Element_File doesn't translate error messages
ZF-3809 Update documentation with additional info
ZF-2825 Strict Standards error messages
ZF-4094 Row count column not found Error
ZF-4177 sql syntax exception when paginator used with select-distinct query
ZF-4512 Zend_Paginator::factory() refactoring
ZF-4519 inconsistent variable names in Zend_Paginator 34.2.1. example
ZF-4365 "Uninitialized string offset" notice in DictionaryLoader.php
ZF-4323 Incorrect Zend_Form_Element_File validating & API inconsistence
ZF-4314 Output of Value in Zend_View_Helper_FormFile should be removed
ZF-4214 Zend_Gdata_App_EntryTest doesn't get run
ZF-3955 Exclude for mimetype validator
ZF-3775 DbSelect adapter not returning Rowsets on Db_Table_Select
ZF-3587 save() a row on Oracle
ZF-2396 Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Oci wrong quoting for single-quotes
ZF-4388 Zend_File breaking on isValid
ZF-4376 Zend_Locale::isLocale() return a wrong value
ZF-4359 undefined _clientLoginToken in HttpClient.php
ZF-4347 Problem with breakChainOnFailure in Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract
ZF-4298 Validation against file extensions in Zend_Validate_File_Extension fails if the filename contains a Dot "."
ZF-4282 Zend_Form contains more than Zend_Form_Element_File elements with validation always fails
ZF-4205 Add breakchainonfailure for validators
ZF-4168 Strict Standards: Incorrect Declaration of Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle::quoteTableAs()
ZF-3172 Fluid interface not provided consistently by filters
ZF-3152 Problem with joinUsing and Oracle
ZF-4524 Zend_Filter_InputTest testNamespaceExceptionClassNotFound
ZF-4443 Bad translation in Zend_Controller_Plugin french doc
ZF-4317 Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http->receive() add trailing DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR even when already in destination path
ZF-4281 Various Issues with Zend_Form_Element_File
ZF-4102 Zend_Form_Element_File in subform
ZF-3954 Exclude for extension validator
ZF-3586 Method find with Oracle
ZF-3956 Get additional fileinfos
ZF-3297 barcode validation accepts alpha characters - ean 13
ZF-4439 Enhancements to support FirePHP 0.2
ZF-4522 Various capture methods in Zend_Dojo view helpers return booleans
ZF-4506 RuntimeException: Could not create and run test suite: Overloading of non-public properties is prohibited
ZF-4487 Zend_Form_Element_File is not rendering the default form decorators
ZF-4448 testSettingMultipleFiles(Zend_Form_Element_FileTest) Unit tests failure
ZF-4403 Zend_View_Helper_FormFile MAX_FILE_SIZE
ZF-3915 Add ContentType validator
ZF-4131 Add a IsCompressed validator
ZF-4394 Zend_Validate_File_Size: Error message template variables
ZF-4436 Firebug profiler table breaks when sending query times as float
ZF-4438 Add query count to Firebug profiler table label
ZF-4428 Zend_Db_Profiler_OracleTest fails for 4 tests because of using '?' to bind variable
ZF-4239 testZF2059 fail on Oracle
ZF-4328 two paginators in same view (bug: second paginator has data from first paginator)