ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-5173 Create Zend_Captcha_Exception
ZF-5069 Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover doesn't works with SSL
ZF-4950 Zend_File should work without setting a destination directory
ZF-4938 Error in Example 17.13. Add filters to a file transfer
ZF-4935 Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Abstract does not check for PDO extension properly
ZF-4933 testLoaderAutoloadDoesNotHideParseError(Zend_LoaderTest) unit tests error
ZF-4931 testAdapterShouldAllowAddingValidatorViaPluginLoader(Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_AbstractTest) unit tests error
ZF-4930 testAdapterShouldAllowAddingValidatorInstance(Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_AbstractTest) unit tests error
ZF-4928 Error in Zend_Soap_Server::fault
ZF-4920 Unit tests stop at some moment.
ZF-4911 Set of "Zend_Json_Exception: Illegal escape sequence 'u'" exceptions
ZF-4907 A set of "userFriends() must be an array, string given" errors.
ZF-4900 Set of Zend_Service_TwitterTest unit tests errors (Zend_Rest_Client_Result_Exception: REST Response Error: An error occured while parsing the REST response with simplexml)
ZF-4899 Unit tests dont start (PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->addTestSuite('Zend_Service_Tw...') fails)
ZF-4897 Promote Zend_Service_Twitter to trunk
ZF-4893 "Failed opening required 'Zend/GData/HttpClient.php'" Unit tests problem
ZF-4890 Improvement on addTo(), addCc(), addBcc() of Zend_Mail
ZF-4887 Zend_Validate_File wrong file info wrong usage
ZF-4886 Zend_Validate_File wrong file info class name
ZF-4884 FIXME tag and no used value in save() of Zend_Cache_Backend_File
ZF-4878 Allow scrolling style be an object
ZF-4875 Gdata not written case sensitively
ZF-4872 Add core support for Google Data protocol version 2
ZF-4871 Organize Zend_Gdata docs into subpackages
ZF-4869 Make it easier to add video ratings.
ZF-4867 getTimezoneFromString() uses wrong regular expression
ZF-4862 Provide a helper method to retrieve the commentFeed Url for a videoEntry.
ZF-4861 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache and Zend_Cache_Core
ZF-4858 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_ZendPlatform
ZF-4857 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_Xcache
ZF-4856 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_TwoLevels
ZF-4855 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_Sqlite
ZF-4854 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached
ZF-4853 CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_File
ZF-4852 Implements CLEANING_MODE_MATCHING_ANY_TAG on Zend_Cache_Backend_Apc
ZF-4851 Problem with getFileInfo() in Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract
ZF-4847 test__toString(Zend_XmlRpc_Server_FaultTest)
ZF-4846 Set of "Undefined index: SCRIPT_FILENAME" unit tests errors (Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCaseTest)
ZF-4840 Provide better facilities for paging through feeds.
ZF-4836 testShouldAllowSpecifyingSpecificElementsToDecorate(Zend_Form_FormTest) and testShouldAllowSpecifyingListOfElementsNotToDecorate(Zend_Form_FormTest)
ZF-4835 Zend_Soap_Autodiscover should use REQUEST_URI instead of SCRIPT_NAME
ZF-4832 testThrowsExceptionIfNoPaginatorFound(Zend_View_Helper_PaginationControlTest)
ZF-4831 testToJson(Zend_PaginatorTest) unit tests problem
ZF-4830 testNamespaceExceptionClassNotFound(Zend_Filter_InputTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4828 testAuthenticateVerifyInvalid(Zend_Auth_Adapter_OpenIdTest) unit test failure
ZF-4827 testDispatchingMethodShouldReturnErrorMessageForInvalidMethod(Zend_Amf_ServerTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4826 testInvalidAmf0MessageShouldResultInErrorMessage(Zend_Amf_ServerTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4825 Set of Zend_Session_SaveHandler_DbTableTest unit tests errors - "Undefined offset: 0"
ZF-4813 ignoreNoFile Not Going to Ignore Anything!
ZF-4810 Zend_Controller_Request_Http::setBasePath() does not set valid basePath on Windows machine.
ZF-4808 Update AutoCompleteDojo to use Zend_Dojo_Data
ZF-4802 setCookie() concats the the new cookie to the previous header cookie string
ZF-4797 getVideoEntry should return full fledged entry (with edit link) if service object is authenticated
ZF-4795 ZendX_JQuery_Form_Decorator_UiWidgetContainer throws warning when initialized with no attributes.
ZF-4793 New Option for supressing empty languages
ZF-4789 Document View performance tips
ZF-4788 Document i18n/l10n performance tips
ZF-4787 Document class loading performance tips
ZF-4786 Create Zend Framework Performance Guide
ZF-4780 Form_Element_File->addValidator('Extension', true, 'txt') doesn't work
ZF-4775 Missing letter in Zend_Auth docs.
ZF-4774 Form's Files doesn't work at all
ZF-4766 Add documentation on new Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_* feature
ZF-4765 Zend Soap AutoDiscover broke due to ZF-12195 Abstract Class Change
ZF-4764 Zend_Server_Abstract changed breaking backwards compability
ZF-4761 Most methods shouldn't have to be final
ZF-4752 Parameters in chained routes get added to each route
ZF-4747 Zend_Validate_Barcode::isValid($ean13) incorrectly assumes $ean13 only contains valid characters
ZF-4745 Add ability to cache Zend_Json_Server definitions between requests
ZF-4740 Livejournal OpenId doesn't work anymore in consumer
ZF-4736 Dispatcher contains unnecessary call to Zend_Loader::loadFile()
ZF-4735 ZendX_Console_Process_Unix
ZF-4733 Allow namespaces in Zend_Json_Server
ZF-4723 empty attributes not sent back to server
ZF-4722 Zend/Gdata/YouTube.php uses old-style projectionless URLs
ZF-4721 Debug print output in Zned/Gdata/Books.php
ZF-4716 Paginator_Adapter_Interface::getItems method is commented incorrectly.
ZF-4713 Use Strategy pattern to switch between different AutoDiscover Handling Mechanisms
ZF-4711 Missing Require of TestHelper in all SOAP Tests may lead to wrong classes being actually called by tests
ZF-4704 Refactor Action_HelperBroker to use PluginLoader
ZF-4688 Invalid WSDL when more then one prototype is given for any reflected function
ZF-4683 Add toJson support to Zend_Paginator
ZF-4682 Add support for a toJson() method to Zend_Json::encode()
ZF-4680 amf3 typed objects sent to server via NetConnection fail
ZF-4676 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_Interface is missing documentation for count() that used to be there
ZF-4675 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_Interface::getItems has wrong parameters
ZF-4670 Add file path cache to Zend_Loader::loadFile()
ZF-4665 make itemCountPerPage available to view partials
ZF-4659 Doc block of __call in Zend/Rest/Client.php says you can use get('/sayHello', 'Foo', 'Manchu')
ZF-4647 Zend_Config_Writer Development
ZF-4644 Zend_File_Transfer getFilename should return null in cases where file is not uploaded
ZF-4638 Zend_Dojo Dijit NumberSpinner doesn't output min and max values
ZF-4634 Zend_Form_Element_File - setMultiFile does not work
ZF-4633 Zend_Form_Element_File it not html valid
ZF-4631 Zend_Dom_Query_Result breaks foreach() iteration on empty result sets
ZF-4628 Add Action Controller Helper for jQuery UI Autocomplete
ZF-4627 Updating playlist entries fails due to invalid atom:category
ZF-4621 Zend_Form_File does not work
ZF-4620 Adopt getxxx Methods to support old behaviour
ZF-4619 isLocale needs changes related to BC problems
ZF-4618 getDefault needs to be reworked
ZF-4617 Improve docblock
ZF-4616 Rename internal method
ZF-4615 Zend_Dojo should use Google CDN by default, not AOL
ZF-4614 Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached infinite lifetime
ZF-4613 Passing a Zend_Db_Select Object to Zend_Paginator when using Oracle results in an Error
ZF-4607 Allow Paginator's factory to set the DbTableSelect adapter when supplying a Zend_Db_Table_Select object
ZF-4605 Exception for File Not Found references wrong variable
ZF-4604 Can Zend_Form_Decorator_File append/prepend other content?
ZF-4597 Zend_File_Transfer receive method returns true in cases where Rename filter fails
ZF-4595 Zend_Form_Element_File blows up when not using filters
ZF-4593 "cache_id_prefix" is prepended twice in Zend_Cache_Core::save() method if "write_control" option is enabled (and data fails integrity check)
ZF-4591 Zend.File.Html, incorrect grammar
ZF-4590 File Element: Use getValues() to simplify the file process
ZF-4589 Zend_Form_Element_File has mixed error messages
ZF-4586 Zend_Form_Element_File does not work without filters
ZF-4582 Set of GData unit tests errors: 'failed to open stream: No such file or directory'
ZF-4575 Zend/TestHelper.php not included in Zend_Http_Client Testsuite
ZF-4574 Connection not properly closed if server sends both "Connection: close" and "Content-length" response headers
ZF-4573 Zend_Http_Client - Unit-Test Failure
ZF-4572 Unittests error
ZF-4566 Unit tests error
ZF-4564 Unittests error
ZF-4560 testGetBadProfileInfo(Zend_Service_Audioscrobbler_ProfileTest) stops unit tests execution
ZF-4559 Set of Zend_Soap_Client warnings
ZF-4554 Zend_Gdata_GdataOnlineTest::testPostRetrieveEntryAndDelete failing as of r11768
ZF-4552 Zend_Gdata_App_Extension_Link members list non-existent classes in documentation
ZF-4551 Zend_Gdata_App_Extension_Category members list non-existent classes in documentation
ZF-4550 Wrong examples in the HeadScript Helper documentation
ZF-4547 testAuthenticateVerifyGetValid(Zend_Auth_Adapter_OpenIdTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4540 Zend_Soap_Autodiscovery and ArrayOf<Type> (typed arrays in wsdl)
ZF-4536 Encoding of Zend_XmlRpc_Fault XML is hard coded
ZF-4533 Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached change visibilty to protected for the _memcache member variable
ZF-4532 testUTF8Logging(Zend_Wildfire_WildfireTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4531 testVerifyDumb(Zend_OpenId_ConsumerTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4530 testSetHttpClient(Zend_Auth_Adapter_OpenIdTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4529 testAdvancedLogging(Zend_Log_Writer_FirebugTest) failure
ZF-4528 Undefined function iconv_mime_decode_headersiconv_mime_decode_headersiconv_mime_decode_headers() in Zend/Mime/Decode.php
ZF-4518 "require_once(Zend/Search/Lucene/Document/OpenXml.php): failed to open stream" problem
ZF-4505 Failure to save Uri in Constructor creates erroreous WSDL for Complex Types
ZF-4503 Remove Zend_View_Abstract::_loadClass since its not used anymore
ZF-4500 testGetAdapter(Zend_TranslateTest) unit tests error
ZF-4499 testAdapterInfo(Zend_Translate_Adapter_GettextTest) unit tests error
ZF-4498 testValidatorAccessAndMutationShouldProxyToAdapter(Zend_Form_Element_FileTest) unit tests error
ZF-4497 Call to private method Zend_Date::_century() from context 'Zend_Validate_Date'
ZF-4490 Zend_Date::getDate() returns non-zero time part for dates not in UTC
ZF-4488 Want book search support in Zend_Gdata
ZF-4481 testIpValidatorMessagesShouldBeTranslated(Zend_Validate_HostnameTest)
ZF-4480 testBasic(Zend_Validate_File_IsCompressedTest)
ZF-4479 testHostnameValidatorMessagesShouldBeTranslated(Zend_Validate_EmailAddressTest)
ZF-4478 testUseManualFormat(Zend_Validate_DateTest)
ZF-4477 testCanTranslateMessagesInsteadOfKeys(Zend_Validate_AbstractTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4476 testErrorMessagesAreTranslatedWhenTranslatorPresent(Zend_Validate_AbstractTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4475 Set of unit tests problems with listed languages
ZF-4474 testOptions(Zend_Translate_Adapter_GettextTest) unit tests problem
ZF-4473 testSpecialChars(Zend_Translate_Adapter_CsvTest) unit tests problem
ZF-4472 testOptions(Zend_Translate_Adapter_CsvTest) unit tests problem
ZF-4471 testOptions(Zend_Translate_Adapter_ArrayTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4470 testgetTranslationList(Zend_LocaleTest) unit test failure
ZF-4469 Set of Zend_Locale unit tests failures (different language names Deutsch vs German and Arabish vs Arabic)
ZF-4468 testNamespaceExceptionClassNotFound(Zend_Filter_InputTest) unit tests failure
ZF-4467 Zend_TranslateTest::testZF3679() fatal error
ZF-4465 Unit tests stop because of "Class 'ZipArchive' not found" problem
ZF-4446 Unit tests dont start
ZF-4422 Zend_Cache_Backend_File sets invalid permission when hashed_directory_umask or cache_file_umask passed as a string
ZF-4419 Zend_Db_*_Firebird promised as feature of 1.5, but still isn't in 1.6.1 release
ZF-4417 Add extension element, getters and setters for the <yt:recorded> element in Zend_Gdata_YouTube_VideoEntry
ZF-4411 Problems with Validating of multiple File Elements
ZF-4405 Add a stringtoupper file filter
ZF-4404 Add a stringtolower filter
ZF-4395 Zend_Uri_Http::fromString doesn't import Zend_Uri_Exception
ZF-4393 Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket incorrectly assumes that if the connection HTTP header is set to close the content will not have a chunked transfer encoding
ZF-4386 Issue with ignoreNoFile in Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract
ZF-4379 Fail to validate empty array
ZF-4372 Zend_XmlRpc_Client doesn't take into account URI changes
ZF-4366 Adding missing setObject() to Zend_Soap_Server
ZF-4364 Using SkipData info to improve search performance
ZF-4363 Generating skipData info
ZF-4362 skipData interpretaion, skipTo method implementation.
ZF-4360 Incorrect LINELENGTH constant corrupts attachments
ZF-4356 Problems with loading HTML files using Zend_Search_Lucene_Document_Html class
ZF-4348 Manual typo
ZF-4335 Route_Regex::assemble ignoring $encode
ZF-4333 formSelect helper is rendering incorrect
ZF-4318 Action_Helper_Redirector: Non-SSL handling
ZF-4313 Escaping HTML attributes breaks formButton/formCheckBox backward compatibility
ZF-4310 OpenId check_immediate shouldn't return cancel
ZF-4305 Zend_Session should allow me to use HTTP-only Cookies
ZF-4303 Zend_Validate_Int takes booleans for valid integers
ZF-4289 add error description in function _httpRequest
ZF-4288 better error reporting in Zend_Auth_Adapter_OpenId
ZF-4286 PHP warning in Zend_Mail_Protocol_Abstract->_connect()
ZF-4284 Allow the specification of connection timeouts for network Protocols
ZF-4278 Small typo in Zend_Validate_File_ImageSize::NOT_DETECTED
ZF-4275 Zend_Db_Adapter_OracleTest fails for 4 tests because of using '?' to bind variable
ZF-4262 WSDL Autodiscover: DocBlock Params and Return Types are Case-Sensitive
ZF-4260 If zend_form_element_file is validated, and whole form isnt, the file is still uploaded to the dir
ZF-4245 Zend_Captcha_Figlet validation problem
ZF-4211 Zend_ProgressBar Development
ZF-4190 Zend_Log_Formatter_Xml and invalid xml
ZF-4172 Zend_Soap_Autodiscovery hardcoded URI
ZF-4170 Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover malformed WSDL
ZF-4169 problems with attachments (corrupted attachment)
ZF-4157 Variable Boundary, location and language in Zend_Mime_Part should be documented.
ZF-4147 Zend_Soap_Server needs more intelligent error_handler managing
ZF-4136 Zend_Debug::dump and xdebug var_dump override leads to too much escaping
ZF-4135 Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page does not seem to respect custom cache lifetimes
ZF-4132 Add hash methods or subclasses
ZF-4125 Zend_Soap_Autodiscover/Zend_Soap_Wsdl replicates request messages for methods with multiple return types
ZF-4123 Add a hash validator
ZF-4117 Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover is using hardcoded http schema
ZF-4110 Description of useCdn() is wrong
ZF-4090 invalid xhtml in YouTubeVideoApp
ZF-4089 Calling Zend_Rest_Client with single parameter causes "An unknown error occured. Please try again." to be returned
ZF-4079 Gdata YouTube VideoEntry getVideoTags
ZF-4077 Zend_Session_SaveHandler_DbTable Error when using Oracle
ZF-4074 $_staticCount in Zend_Controller_Router_Route is private
ZF-4062 Decouple upload process from validation process in Zend_Form_Element_File
ZF-4030 Warning on form validation
ZF-4027 Inconsistent use of @subpackage doc tag in Zend_Gdata classes
ZF-4003 uncessesary final method declaration
ZF-3985 Unable to validate select elements that contain optgroups
ZF-3958 Wrong call for new SoapFault in Zend_Soap_Server::fault() breaks SOAP exception handling
ZF-3928 Zend_View_Helper_HeadScript: no way to disable encoding of attributes passed to appendFile and related methods
ZF-3910 Case Sensitivity in Doc Comment @param and @return
ZF-3900 Returning Arrays of Certain Types
ZF-3866 Zend_Controller_Request_Http isFlashRequest fix
ZF-3838 $conditionalStylesheet incorrectly stated as boolean
ZF-3801 Zend_Gdata documentation examples need titles
ZF-3800 Test Zend_Soap_Client against found public JEE services
ZF-3789 Test SOAP client against .Net and JEE
ZF-3780 lowercase switch with uppercase chars in incomming values in Zend_View helper class HeadMeta
ZF-3759 Outdated: Example 19.11. Using setFileUpload to Upload Files
ZF-3754 Zend_Validate_Abstract throws an notice when an array is defined in a validator class
ZF-3752 Change command line arguments for Blogger.php sample to exclude extraneous '--'
ZF-3751 handle() faults from unknown methods always result in "An unknown error occured. Please try again."
ZF-3734 Get the table instance from Zend_Db_Table_Select
ZF-3717 Should clarify the meaning of retrun value
ZF-3705 Zend_Rest_Client_Result does not check if its operating on an object instance
ZF-3701 impossible to extend PDF classes
ZF-3687 The OpenId provider class does not properly handle multiple scripts w/OpenId v2.0 and op_endpoint
ZF-3658 Finish Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http
ZF-3647 Zend_Rest_Client_Result::getStatus() incorrectly assumes $this->_sxml is an object
ZF-3636 getting notices by using Zend_Service_Yahoo::webSearch
ZF-3600 testPKIDecryptBadKey(Zend_InfoCard_CipherTest) unit test problem
ZF-3577 simple optimizing toString functions
ZF-3546 Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Oci lastInsertId
ZF-3508 API to get metadate for a given id
ZF-3506 Passing array paramters to rewrite router
ZF-3505 (disable => false) for form helpers
ZF-3497 Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector::setCode() accepts integer values only. Doc's show string.
ZF-3477 FormErrors view helper has the class attribute hard coded
ZF-3461 setPersistence after setClass
ZF-3459 Proposal for different lifetime for each router in 'regexps' of Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page
ZF-3457 Zend_Form_Element_Multi: _translateOption large multiOption lists
ZF-3435 Zend_Validate_Ip does not work as expected/documented
ZF-3364 Zend_Session setOptions() doesn't support cookie_httponly
ZF-3330 Zend_View_Helper_HeadTitle duplicates __toString() method from parent class
ZF-3318 Zend_Mime_Decode::splitHeaderField() does not take leading whitespaces of header-values into account
ZF-3315 [Zend_Filter_StripTags]: validate parameter before filtering to avoid exceptions
ZF-3307 Missing Doc Functionality of View Helper Partial and Partial Loop
ZF-3280 Zend_Server_XmlRpc_Cache - does not improve performance
ZF-3242 Add functionality to set form-level errors
ZF-3224 Zend_Controller_Router_Route code cleaning (for readability) and optimization
ZF-3222 Zend_Service_Yahoo::webSearch - option region not supported
ZF-3202 Code error for PartialLoop helper (42.3)
ZF-3177 Exception thrown when loading PDF at Pdf/Element/Array.php:84
ZF-3173 Integrate Zend_Translate with Zend_View_Helper_HeadTitle?
ZF-3130 Warnings emitted by Zend_Db_Table_Select unit tests
ZF-3127 constructor should be protected to get it working with php 5.2.6
ZF-3124 Calling a non-static function from a static context in Zend_Feed
ZF-3116 Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract->save() Fail on _refresh() "Incorrect syntax near ')'"
ZF-3057 Apache 404 Parameters problem
ZF-3055 Url Action Helper should delegate to Url view helper
ZF-2939 Documentation should include a performance page, somewhere in the area near coding standards
ZF-2918 Zend_View_Helper_HeadTitle does not implement prefix and postfix values in toString
ZF-2835 Create PHPUnit test case for Zend_Controller
ZF-2822 Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Url::simple() doesn't prepend baseUrl in front of URL
ZF-2737 Zend_View_Helper_PartialLoop loop counter
ZF-2722 Function names violates Coding Standards
ZF-2685 adding method to update the expire time of cached data
ZF-2541 Missing require_once before throw exceptions in Zend_Loader_PluginLoader.
ZF-2540 Support optional parameters in methods in Zend_Rest_Server
ZF-2510 Lazy loading table metadata
ZF-2384 Nonexistent method used in catch-blocks in code examples
ZF-2324 Corrupt attachments with MS Exchange/Outlook
ZF-2243 Different behavior between Zend_Db_Table::createRow($data) and Zend_Db_Table_Row::setFromArray(array $data)
ZF-2215 Zend_Rest_Client adds last given argument as arg1
ZF-2189 skipData processing
ZF-2094 Bad performance of Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle::describeTable()
ZF-2069 Cache Atrophy
ZF-2064 Zend_Console_Getopt => method addRules() fails
ZF-2062 Ampersand in message causes warning DOM_Element::__construct() when using Zend_Log_Formatter_Xml()
ZF-2043 Unappealing From header
ZF-2013 Implement ArrayAccess to Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract
ZF-1970 Implement ArrayAccess in Zend_Db_Table_Rowset_Abstract
ZF-1950 Correct method of encodeHeader "From" for Multibyte name senders
ZF-1909 Methods for getting ID set, tag set, of cache
ZF-1814 Allow explicit mapping of xmlrpc calls to object/class/method calls
ZF-1795 Corrupted Attachments
ZF-1789 Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page tags and lifetime improvement
ZF-1663 Zend_Debug::dump will display html entities when xdebug is loaded
ZF-777 Pass entire Request object to Route instances
ZF-14 Remove Zend_Pdf_Const