ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-5098 Zend_OpenId_Consumer doesn't work in case session_start() was executed before
ZF-5089 Support method chaining for Zend_Pdf_Page objects
ZF-5083 Incorrect file specified in a Zend_Gdata require_once statement
ZF-5077 Object of class Zend_Locale to string conversion
ZF-5070 Zend_Validate_Date wrong result with float => return TRUE
ZF-5060 Missing TestHelper in Zend_Auth_AllTests.php
ZF-5055 Incorrect description for A constant in Zend_Date
ZF-5054 Update requirements appendix of manual
ZF-5051 Several methods have to be reimplemented in the file element to prevent unintentional uploading
ZF-5048 A set of Zend_Json_Server_CacheTest failures
ZF-5046 Invalid use of "soap-enc" namespace in Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_ArrayOfTypeComplex
ZF-5041 ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_AjaxLink Error print links (tag 'a') in XHTML
ZF-5034 Cache adapters should discard unrecognized options silently
ZF-5025 Wrong filesize validation
ZF-5022 Zend_Soap_Autodiscover throws SoapFault VersionMismatch
ZF-5019 Invalid UTF8 in comments: Could cause failure in automated checks.
ZF-5011 setUiPath() vs setUiLocalPath()
ZF-5009 Multiple file form fields share the same error message
ZF-5008 require_once missing in Zend_Gdata_App_Base
ZF-5006 The meaning of alphabetic characters in doc of Zend_Filter_Alnum and Zend_Filter_Alpha should be explained.
ZF-5004 Zend_OpenId_Consumer - Fails to associate with the provider
ZF-5003 Exception for undefined variable _SESSION when Zend_Session::$_unitTestEnabled = true
ZF-5002 testTemporaryDirectoryAccessDetection(Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_AbstractTest) unit test failure
ZF-5001 Two "Your 'upload_max_filesize' config setting allows only 2048. You set 3000." unit tests errors
ZF-5000 A set of "Autodetection of Locale has been failed!" unit tests errors
ZF-4999 DOMDocument can not be sent back to Action Script as XML
ZF-4995 Docx Office XML component adds document body several times
ZF-4994 Translate_Adapter conflict: setOption and getOption
ZF-4992 testIsLocale(Zend_LocaleTest) unit tests failure.
ZF-4991 Zend_Locale component produce a lot of Unit tests errors
ZF-4990 Add isUploaded / isReceived / isFiltered to file element
ZF-4985 Zend_Form_Element_File does not translate error message when translator is set at the form level
ZF-4981 Add openSearch namespace for Zend_Gdata v2 and refactor namespace handling
ZF-4980 Dojo submit missing text since upgrading from ZF 1.6 to 1.7
ZF-4979 Office XML components don't index non-English documents
ZF-4977 SubmitButton labels aren't getting rendered
ZF-4963 Zend_Locale::isLocale evaluates int 0 to a locale
ZF-4937 Autodiscover doesn't work with complex types and arrays.
ZF-4924 Zend_Amf_Server setClass ignores additional arguments passed as argv
ZF-4922 Add configuration check
ZF-4921 Improve temp path detection
ZF-4912 Allow manual specification of MIME file
ZF-4905 Fix the given originpath on adding translations
ZF-4888 Add length validation to Zend_Validate_EmailAddress as per RFC
ZF-4754 Zend_Filter_File_UpperCase improvement
ZF-4570 Unittests error
ZF-4523 Zend_Captcha requiring Zend_View instead of Zend_View_Interface on render(): Breaks third party view adapters
ZF-4435 Sliders do not work/render properly when included within a Zend_Dojo_Form_SubForm()
ZF-4434 Unnecessary stylesheet dojo.css in $dojo->registerDojoStylesheet()
ZF-4391 Make installationChecker script highlight errors in color if printing HTML output
ZF-4375 Runtime Exception while running AllTests
ZF-4374 Strict Standards declaration problem
ZF-4334 Script to check for correct PHP and ZendFramework installation
ZF-4330 Improve Zend_Db test for Oracle
ZF-4283 Concurrent adding and committing throws 'Zend_Search_Lucene_Exception' File '/tmp/lucene.index/_2s_6jebf52bb.del' is not readable.
ZF-4238 Infinite loop when connection is closed
ZF-3995 [CAPTCHA] isValid function doesn't make sense
ZF-3947 Zend_XmlRpc_Value ignores empty strings as struct values
ZF-3932 clipPolygon() and clipRectangle() in Zend_Pdf_Page don't work
ZF-3925 Ability to override self URL on Zend_OpenId
ZF-3659 Section on 10.5.6. on deleting table rows unclear / incorrect
ZF-3650 Clarify standard PDF fonts limitations
ZF-3624 float(10,8) is handled in wrong way
ZF-3492 Old info in docs
ZF-3161 ZF MVC is not compatible with apache + http protocol proxy requests
ZF-2664 Nothing shows when adding a page to a PDF with non-zero start number