ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-5388 Zend_Amf_Server handles arguments wrong
ZF-6419 Zend_Tool's public/index.php doesn't work with Zend_Application
ZF-6416 No reference to 'autoloadernamespaces' in docs
ZF-6387 Zend_Application Quick Start shows invalid index.php example
ZF-6326 Allow specifying action helper paths
ZF-6293 class extending Module_Bootstrap has to implement run()
ZF-6256 Unknown option: savehandler = Array when using Zend_Application_Resource_Session
ZF-6236 Zend_Application->bootstrap('db') does not work
ZF-6229 First two example in manual are not working.
ZF-6228 Make bootstrap() return $this
ZF-6191 More examples for docs
ZF-6183 Module bootstraps run resources again
ZF-6093 Router ResourcePlugin
ZF-6090 Locale resource plugin
ZF-6087 Allow multiple helperpaths with config for Zend_View
ZF-6004 Write documentation on individual resources
ZF-6003 Write documentation on creating resources
ZF-5998 Write unit tests for base Resource class
ZF-5997 Write unit tests for Module bootstrap
ZF-5996 Complete Zend_Application development
ZF-5957 Expose underlying Zend_Db_Select for Zend_Auth_Adapter_DbTable
ZF-5716 Allow for a setLdap method
ZF-6360 getMetadatas() missing in Zend_Cache_Core
ZF-6309 Zend_Cache_Backend_File : Change "private" methods to "protected"
ZF-6239 Feature introduced in ZF-5938 breaks backwards compatibility in Memcached cache backend
ZF-6178 Zend_Cache will try to prefix $id with it's id-prefix when remove($id) is called
ZF-6107 Zend_Cache => Frontend_File master_file vs. master_files
ZF-5981 Zend Server Zend_Cache backend(s)
ZF-5938 Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached failure_callback option
ZF-5887 Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached::addServer throws exception with older php memcache extensions
ZF-5702 Memcached backend performs set() calls unecessarily
ZF-5532 Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page - possible DOS risk...strip get variables from $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] when making ID
ZF-5142 _cancel class attribute in Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page should be protected
ZF-4247 Multiple dependencies for Zend_Cache_Frontend_File
ZF-5800 toArray buggy when used with lots + 1
ZF-5771 Wrong pointer position after unsetting data.
ZF-4728 setReadOnly not recursive
ZF-3702 Allow XML-String in Zend_Config_Xml
ZF-2849 Refactor Zend_Config_Ini for readablility
ZF-6610 Zend_Console_Getopt should allow an option for stopping processing on unknown arguments
ZF-2295 register_argc_argv = Off error
ZF-6411 Provided .htaccess Rewrite Rules Result In Vulnerability
ZF-6404 Minor improvement to Zend_Controller_Router_Route_* classes to make them suitable for using in Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Chain
ZF-6399 Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Module generates warning when used in Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Chain
ZF-6398 Improve Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Chain that Routes added to Chains still could be used in Router without chains
ZF-6368 typo in japanese document of Zend_Controller-ActionHelpers-ContextSwitch
ZF-6300 Unused variables in Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector::setGotoUrl()
ZF-6245 The config example for Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Hostname is invalid xml
ZF-5818 parse_url() warnings and headers already sent when debugging with Zend Studio
ZF-5181 ZF-3161 Fix Causes Problems
ZF-3097 Create new route for multilanguage sites
ZF-2951 Inconsistent names
ZF-6208 Currency symbol not correctly parsed from locale files
ZF-6055 Currency doesn't round correctly
ZF-4729 Zend_Currency toCurrency precision error.
ZF-3329 Allow complete format definition within Zend_Currency
ZF-6199 Incorrect disambiguation of format in Zend_Date
ZF-5848 Forgotten prints
ZF-5789 Wrong calculation for GMT offset in Zend_Date
ZF-5765 Zend_Date unit test alters value of static variable fix_dst. This biases later tests.
ZF-5753 Zend_Date returns Week number with 2 digits
ZF-5745 Zend_Date set-by-array corrupts day in DST
ZF-5735 Zend_Date DST fix adjusts by +23 hours instead of -1.
ZF-5614 Autodetection on year fails for short date notation
ZF-5437 isDate potentially unsafe
ZF-5138 Date Calculation Wrong
ZF-4382 Use Zend_Date::<CONST> for Zend_Validate_Date
ZF-6311 Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Abstract cannot be serialized
ZF-6185 Zend_Db missing an implementation of PDO::exec()
ZF-5119 need public function getAdapter() in Zend_Db_Statement
ZF-4486 PDOStatement is of type Traversable, Zend_Db_Statement should be an Iterator
ZF-3220 Zend_Db_Table bind value problem?
ZF-1541 Character set option for Db adapters
ZF-3072 Support for DB2 on i5
ZF-6058 Zend_Db_Statement_MysqliTest tests fails with testStatementBindParamByName and testStatementBindValueByName
ZF-5918 connect errors are supressed when dbname is provided
ZF-5263 fetchCol() and limit() with Oracle
ZF-2017 Illogic syntax in method Zend_Db_Select->query() while using binding parameters
ZF-6277 Missing $select parameter definiton in phpdoc comment
ZF-6167 zend encoding of 'Zend/Db/Table/Row/Abstract.php' failed.
ZF-5836 Add __unset magic method to Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
ZF-4246 Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract adds ZEND_DB_ROWNUM to data on _refresh()
ZF-3911 Many-To-Many join across databases not possible
ZF-2940 self::NO_ACTION documented but not implimented
ZF-2666 Add isIdentity() method
ZF-2379 Add interface to add references to the ZDT
ZF-1870 Support default field values in Zend_Db_Table::createRow()
ZF-1726 Make the "where" clause parameters more consistent
ZF-1144 Support default table in constructor of custom Row
ZF-6217 Dojo 1.3.0 is aviable...
ZF-5038 SimpleTextarea of Dojo's element can't work
ZF-6172 Validate .com domaine with Zend_Feed
ZF-5645 Zend_Feed_Rss missing cdata for image title
ZF-26 Zend_Feed doesn't read entries not in the channel element (TRAC#7)
ZF-6407 Create method to retreive actual destination
ZF-6406 Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http does not remove Rename filter correctly in receive()
ZF-6258 File upload with rename filter pseudo random failing
ZF-6195 A set of "Zend_File_Transfer_Exception: Wether APC nor uploadprogress extension installed" exceptions
ZF-6194 testMultiFiles(Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_HttpTest) "Zend_File_Transfer_Exception: File 'file1.txt' does not exist" error
ZF-6108 Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract
ZF-6106 Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract::isValid return fileUploadErrorFileNotFound for mutliple file uploads
ZF-5990 getFileName returns wrong file name (for form with 2 elements: file and file_two)
ZF-5889 getFileSize and getFileMimeType non-existant?
ZF-5821 isUploaded throws undocumented exception
ZF-5763 "Cannot make static method Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Abstract::getProgress() non static" in the tests/Zend/File/Transfer/Adapter/AbstractTest.php
ZF-5703 Unnessesary Fatal Error: when post_max_size exceeds memory_limit setting
ZF-5678 Detect and set the maximum allowed filesize
ZF-5039 Rename filter does PHP rename() instead of setting target for move_uploaded_file()
ZF-4969 Why move_uploaded_file() in Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http? Possible filename collisions.
ZF-4923 Add a check for allowed transfer size
ZF-4778 Add support for file progress to Zend_File_Transfer_Adapter_Http
ZF-4130 Add a TextSize validator
ZF-4127 Add a decryption filter
ZF-4126 Add an encryption filter
ZF-6432 Fatal error in Zend_Filter_ LocalizedToNormalized constructor.
ZF-6386 Zend_Filter_Encrypt_Mcrypt encodes key before encryption and decryption
ZF-4960 Add decrypt filter
ZF-4959 Add encryption filter
ZF-2898 Zend_Validate / Zend_Filter $namespaces search order
ZF-2269 Zend_Filter_Callback
ZF-1206 Zend_Filter_RealPath to support non-existing paths
ZF-3100 Zend_Filter_Input with inputNamespace having filters and validators getting the wrong type...
ZF-3004 Default escaper modifies NULL values into empty strings
ZF-5935 Zend_Form_Element_File does not include Description decorator
ZF-5878 Zend_Form_Element_File does not register errors nor display them
ZF-5370 Automatically set form encoding on upload
ZF-5340 Zend_Form_Element_File getFileMimeType() and getFileSize method
ZF-5290 Zend_Form_Element_File getFileName should have an additional optional parameter to truncate the path
ZF-5160 Translation to spanish.
ZF-5102 Count validator does not work correctly when setMultiFile() is used.
ZF-5100 Partial translation to spanish.
ZF-4978 Improve error handling on erasing default decorators
ZF-2950 Element ids for dd/dt elements by default
ZF-6250 Zend_Gdata_Youtube can't require exception if not authenticated
ZF-5701 Remove dependency on Zend_Mime once new stream upload functionality is committed and tested
ZF-5190 Add Zend_Gdata support for the Google Health Data API
ZF-6196 testInvalidUriStringException(Zend_Http_Client_StaticTest) unit test failure
ZF-5743 Ability to do HTTPS calls over a proxy with client certificates
ZF-5573 100 continue support
ZF-3758 Add PUT Inlinefile
ZF-3616 Create Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Curl
ZF-5548 Improve CookieJar with SPL
ZF-5243 exception classes lazy load in Zend_InfoCard
ZF-5244 exception classes lazy load in Zend_Json
ZF-4946 Refactor Zend_Json to add expression support
ZF-4914 Zend_Json needs Unicode characters endcoding/decoding support with '\uXXXX' notation.
ZF-4685 ZenX JQuery callback function names do not pass down correctly
ZF-4437 Float values containing commas are not encoded correctly
ZF-4054 UTF8 character encoding for Zend_Json_Encoder
ZF-3395 UTF-8 values encoded with json_encode() not decodable with Zend_Json_Decoder::decode()
ZF-6187 Allow dotted namespaces
ZF-6441 testLoaderAutoloadShouldHideParseError(Zend_LoaderTest) unit tests failure
ZF-6440 A set of "Zend_Loader::Zend_Loader::autoload is deprecated ..." and "Zend_Loader::Zend_Loader::registerAutoload is deprecated ..." errors
ZF-5697 Zend_Loader::loadclass fails silently if syntax errors in file.
ZF-3769 cannot load files using Zend_Loader::loadFile in windows especially in 64bit
ZF-2996 ZF 1.5.0 breaks co-existance with external libs (domPDF)
ZF-2985 Bug in Zend_Loader::isReadable if file does not exist
ZF-2923 Zend_Loader::autoload() causes a file not found warning when unable to include the class
ZF-2900 Issue on Zend_Validate_Hostname
ZF-2724 Error supression on calls to loadClass across ZF obscuring parse errors
ZF-6697 Add support for PhoneCode
ZF-6616 Zend_Locale_Format::isNumber() returns TRUE when input is empty
ZF-6272 Missing functionality in Zend_Locale::getTranslationList, or Zend_Locale_Data::getList
ZF-6231 testSetOption(Zend_Locale_FormatTest) "Zend_Locale_Exception: The locale 'STANDARD' is no known locale" unit tests error
ZF-6221 A set of "Non-static method Zend_Locale::setLocale() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context" errors
ZF-6022 testRound(Zend_Locale_MathTest) unit tests failure (bcmath is disabled)
ZF-5908 ::toNumber(-0.75, array('decimals' => 2)) == 0.75 -> should be -0.75 (with no bcmath extension)
ZF-5636 CLDR 1.6.1: Add codemappings
ZF-5058 Zend_Locale_Math + Include path optimization
ZF-4816 Switch compatibility mode
ZF-4408 Precision and number_format seems to be broken
ZF-3860 CLDR 1.6.1: Add support for phonecode
ZF-3473 Zend_Locale_Format::toNumber(9.72, array('locale' => 'en')) returns 9.7 instead of 9.72
ZF-6197 testShutdownRemovesReferenceToDatabaseInstance(Zend_Log_Writer_DbTest) unit test failure
ZF-5409 Zend_Mail tests are split into 2 suites and should be merged
ZF-5209 Disarm Zend_Mail_Part::__get()
ZF-5245 exception classes lazy load in Zend_Memory
ZF-6219 Quoted charset in MIME part Content-type header
ZF-5965 Does not work with
ZF-5332 Wrong error message
ZF-5246 exception classes lazy load in Zend/OpenId.php
ZF-4801 Allow Zend_Paginator to cache its data throught a Zend_Cache_Core instance
ZF-6189 Unused "require" of Zend_Log in Zend/Pdf/FileParser/Image.php
ZF-6188 Wrong using of Zend_Log in the class Zend_Pdf_FileParser_Font
ZF-5247 exception classes lazy load in Zend/Pdf.php
ZF-4768 Grammar mistake
ZF-64 Need $page->translate() and $page->skew() functions
ZF-6215 Code coverage of Zend_ProgressBar_Adapter_Console is to low
ZF-6168 Problems with the Console Adapter and Unicode chars
ZF-5958 Add option to specify different stream
ZF-6335 Zend_Search_Lucene matching words highlighting needs improvements to be independent from the index.
ZF-6285 Zend_Search_Lucene needs exception class requirement to be declared only if exception really occurs
ZF-6243 Failed require for Zend/Search/Lucene/TermStreamsPriorityQueue.php
ZF-4115 Zend_Search_Lucene should offer hightlight() method to hightlight any string. Without DOM.
ZF-3626 Enchanced encoding support for Zend_Search_Lucene_Document_Html class (including highlights functionality)
ZF-2055 numerical values (e.g. phone number) are not searcheable
ZF-1788 Allow for extensible match-highlighting
ZF-1216 Query language needs mechanisms to qreate queries for non-tokenized fields
ZF-5249 exception classes lazy load in Zend_Server_Reflection
ZF-6403 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3 should extend Zend_Service_Amazon_Abstract
ZF-6157 Zend_Service_Amazon - Offer.php
ZF-5791 Create an abstract class for use with the Amazon Web Servies.
ZF-4954 Some Record Objects don't define public variables
ZF-4953 PHP Notice on item search: Availability is not always set.
ZF-2749 Zend_Service_Amazon spits Notices while trying to get property of non-object
ZF-2056 Not possible to fetch tracks from amazon via Zend_Service_Amazon when there's more than one disc
ZF-6378 testRunThrowsExceptionWhenNoImageIdPassedIn(Zend_Service_Amazon_Ec2_InstanceTest) unit tests error
ZF-6377 testCreateNewVolume(Zend_Service_Amazon_Ec2_EbsTest) unit tests failure
ZF-6317 Reset the Parameters on each request in the http_client
ZF-6316 Fix notices from start commands when something is not in the options array
ZF-6315 Add flag to describe Instance to have it ignore terminated instances.
ZF-6305 Add a method to describe instances by and imageId
ZF-6304 Describe Instance needs to have a default value.
ZF-6253 Several CS Violations in Commenting and such
ZF-4957 Problems with german Umlauts and getUserPosts() without tag in search query
ZF-5250 exception classes lazy load in Zend/Service/SlideShare.php
ZF-5795 Add support for since_id and count parameter in statusFriendsTimeline()
ZF-5772 Split up Zend_Soap into more packages
ZF-5597 Zend_Soap_Client does not work with Zend_Config
ZF-5593 Zend_Soap_Client usage is never shown in documentation. SoapClient is used instead.
ZF-5300 Zend_Soap_Server support features and cache_wsdl options
ZF-5251 exception classes lazy load in Zend_Soap
ZF-4865 Exception thrown when using default Zend_Soap_Client with WSDL, not with PHP SoapClient
ZF-4771 Testcoverage of Zend_Soap_* is to low
ZF-4381 SOAP headers
ZF-5596 Soap Server does not work with Zend_Config
ZF-5565 Zend_Soap_Server - method handle() - only returns null by an non user error (error handling -> E_USER_ERROR)
ZF-5188 Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover should be able to generate RPC/Literal styles
ZF-6298 Add missing dependency require_once in Zend_Soap_Wsdl strategies
ZF-5944 Zend_Soap_Autodisover should only look at public properties
ZF-5736 Soap AutoDiscover: setUri() should support GET parameters
ZF-5604 Invalid complex type handling in strategy ArrayOfTypeComplex
ZF-5330 Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover::handle, dump to file
ZF-5287 Add Online Testsuite for Zend_Soap to test complex generated WSDLs for SOAP extension compability
ZF-5202 Add Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_Composite
ZF-5072 Java cannot handle <part name="getStaticStringReturn" type="xsd:string" />
ZF-5414 Non ASCII characters break the columns when input is UTF-8 encoded
ZF-5339 Typo in TimeSynctTest
ZF-5252 exception classes lazy load in Zend/TimeSync.php
ZF-6427 Zend_Tool create project doesn't work on Windows
ZF-6413 Zend_Tool command line (zf.php) should be able to handle different include_path strategies
ZF-6341 index.php doesn't add the library directory to the include_path
ZF-6287 Zend Tool - zf list providers - throws a fatal error
ZF-6266 undefined method Zend_Tool_Project_Provider_Controller::_getRequest()
ZF-6262 PHP Warning: mkdir(): Invalid argument in ...
ZF-6261 Missing method getInstance() is called on Zend_Tool_Framework_Registry.
ZF-6125 Zend_Tool_Framework_Manifest_Repository getMetadata() should use either client or non client naming (not both)
ZF-5802 Missing files from Zend_Tool
ZF-4988 Unable to use (former) Zend Tool in incubator with environment PATHs
ZF-4198 exception during zf create project in Zend_Tool
ZF-4012 Zend_Tool and related component development
ZF-6270 The API for Zend_Translate_Adapter :: _loadTranslationData() has changed and is not documented.
ZF-5954 Log which translation has the Untranslated message
ZF-5928 getList() returns only current value and not all available lanuages in case we use Zend_Translate+Zend_Cache
ZF-5551 Zend_Translate_Adapter::setOptions() sets disable_notices option after the option was used
ZF-5547 Allow to build the list of untranslated message IDs
ZF-5534 XLiff adapter always clear previous loaded source
ZF-6133 Zend_Validate_Hostname fails if Punycode is used for IDN
ZF-6033 Zend_Validate_Hostname accepting invalid TLD
ZF-5859 Zend_Validate_Hostname: รง in .com domains
ZF-5760 Lithuanian top-level domain allowed utf-8 characters in Zend_Validate_Hostname
ZF-5715 Zend_Validate_Abstract, _translatorDisabled
ZF-5598 Zend_Validate_EmailAddress wrong validation result for addresses with 0x7e char "~"
ZF-4018 Zend_Email_Validate ( wrong result on idn domain )
ZF-4000 Zend_Validate_Float always fails in localized environments
ZF-3570 Zend_Validate_Hostname - lengh check for idn domains incorrect
ZF-3510 Best Practice & PHP IDE Compatability Improvement
ZF-3423 Validate_Float doesn't work with local than doesn't have a dot as decimal separator
ZF-3258 Adding validation for IBAN bank account numbers
ZF-2941 retrieve the messages a validator is using
ZF-2734 Improvements for Zend_Validate_EmailAddress and Zend_Validate_HostName Integration
ZF-1921 Zend_Validate_Hostname does not accept umlauts for com-TLD
ZF-1883 Add polish top-level domain allowed utf-8 characters in Zend_Validate_Hostname
ZF-1882 Improve integer validation
ZF-5898 Zend_Validate_File* not customize the error message
ZF-6436 Wrong function name in documentation
ZF-6068 Update documentation to use long tags for view scripts
ZF-5912 Zend_View_Helper_Placeholder_Container_Abstract bad @subpackage in PHPDoc
ZF-5253 exception classes lazy load in Zend/View/Helper/HeadMeta.php
ZF-5742 Zend_Wildfire_Plugin_FirePhp_TableMessage improvement
ZF-5255 exception classes lazy load in Zend_XmlRpc
ZF-6380 The use of the dialog helper does not exist.
ZF-6373 Google CDN base path for jQuery UI is wrong
ZF-6257 ZendX_JQuery_Form_Decorator prefix path not correctly set
ZF-6126 Ability to set the version used of jQuery and UI libraries
ZF-6078 Auto-switch http/https scheme for Google Ajax Libraries URLs
ZF-5976 Example 57.4 doenst work
ZF-5667 ZendX_JQuery Produces Script Output When Not Used
ZF-5426 jQuery UI components witheld from 1.6 release, document it
ZF-5185 jQuery Helper Utility does not provide a method to clear onLoad Actions
ZF-5125 Marker Interface for UiWidgetElement Decorator
ZF-6829 Old SVN url in readme.txt
ZF-6415 Zend/Request directory still exists dispite being unused by the library
ZF-6375 "Zend_Reflection_Exception: DocComment cannot be empty." Unit tests error
ZF-6340 Documentation for PHP extension requirements wrong for libxml and probably zlib
ZF-6254 Remove Testing related code from Audioscrobbler class by introducing dependency injection for Http Client
ZF-6251 Audioscrobbler::__call can't throw any exception
ZF-6198 testBasicInvalid(Zend_Validate_EmailAddressTest)
ZF-5975 B.4.6.1. If/Else/Elseif: wrong use of spaces in example
ZF-5108 Framework Dependencies Documentation Seems Outdated
ZF-5020 Misspellings in german documentation
ZF-4483 Lazy load all exception class
ZF-3073 Set up i5 testing environment devoted to running ZF unit tests
ZF-2509 One True Brace form... or is it?