ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-6775 Unable to send arrays through AMF from Java
ZF-6230 ZendAMF should support returing of result of mysql_query()
ZF-6202 Remoting Authentication support not present, should be added
ZF-6943 Wrong error message in Zend_Cache_Backend_TwoLevels Exception
ZF-5860 Zend_Captcha_ReCaptcha strange behaviour
ZF-6859 getDate() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in DateObject.php line 667
ZF-2112 Zend_Db_Adapter_Interface::fetchCol() does not properly retrieve a column on single column SQL statements.
ZF-6721 Bug if Join is called with an non-associative array for tablename
ZF-6748 If index of row equals count of rows in seek(), exception is needed.
ZF-6934 Incorrect phpdoc parameter data type in Zend_Form::getDisplayGroup($name)
ZF-6997 Zend_Http_Response should use __toString()
ZF-6944 Zend_Mail does not always set the mandatory MIME-Version mail-header field
ZF-6854 Switch to make invisible Elements visible for Breadcrumb
ZF-6746 Cache in Zend_Paginator not working
ZF-6847 Zend_Search_Lucene_termStreamsPriorityQueue - first letter of each new word must be capitalized
ZF-6740 Zend Search Lucene attempts to use invalid class 'Zend_Search_Lucene_termStreamsPriorityQueue' on line 1461
ZF-6826 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3_OnlineTest ->testAcl() failing
ZF-6686 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3 doesn't support ssl
ZF-6952 Unit tests fatal error "Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException'"
ZF-6951 Fatal error: Failed opening required 'Zend/Service/Simpy/OnlineTest.php'
ZF-6950 Parsing error in tests/Zend/Service/Simpy/AllTests.php stops unit tests execution.
ZF-3077 Unit tests should work offline wherever possible
ZF-6346 The WSDL documentation element must be the first child of the documented node
ZF-6846 Typo in QuickStart guide
ZF-6583 Create tests for resources support
ZF-6476 Create tests for auth support