ID Title (JIRA Link)
ZF-7161 Class does not load with Zend framework 1.8.4
ZF-7051 testAddDirectoryService(Zend_Amf_ServerTest) and testAddDirectoryService2(Zend_Amf_ServerTest) unit tests failures
ZF-6975 Zend_Amf_Adobe_Introspector works incorrectly if the argument /return type of a function is specified as 'int' in the doc block
ZF-6625 Mayor security issue with Zend_Amf loading services via Zend_Loader
ZF-6393 Wrong AMF0_AMF3 reference counting
ZF-6205 Serializer doesn't support cyclic reference
ZF-5382 Multiple calls seem to break Zend/Amf/Parse/Deserializer.php
ZF-7002 Zend_Application_Resource_Modules class_exists shouldn't try to load bootstrap class
ZF-6878 Zend_Application_Resource_Locale can't initialize one particular local
ZF-6793 Zend_Captcha_Image without "width" and "height" attributes
ZF-6412 Captcha label incorrectly paired with its input field
ZF-6045 Make the first argument of Zend_Captcha_Adapter::render() optional
ZF-5418 Improve Zend_Captcha usage example
ZF-4269 Zend_Captcha_Image should check if a file with the unique name already exists
ZF-6995 Zend_config : toArray conflict with iterator implements.
ZF-6148 Dijit parsing before store creation results in FilteringSelect and ComboBox.
ZF-5706 Contradiction in documentation
ZF-6070 Decorators defined for an element should overrules elementDecorators defined for a form
ZF-5937 disableTranslator option in Zend_Form_Element_Multi makes the options disappear
ZF-5855 Strange helper="formText" attribute in Zend_Form_Element_Captcha rendered output
ZF-7077 Zend_Gdata MIME streaming support broken
ZF-7076 Edit links always used when uploading files to multipart MIME Zend_Gdata services
ZF-7075 Zend_Gdata_YouTube uses projectionless URLs
ZF-7073 Refactor Zend_Gdata_YouTubeOnlineTest so that $user and $pass are set during setUp()
ZF-7069 testAddAndDeleteSubscriptionToQueryV2 doesn't set developer key
ZF-6947 Missing $this-> in feed functions in Zend_Gdata_YouTube_UserProfileEntry
ZF-6678 Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Curl returning HTTP headers in body
ZF-6857 Zend_Navigation View Helper inconsistency
ZF-7046 Clean up DbSelect adapter code
ZF-7045 Refactor building of the count query into its own method in the DbSelect adapter
ZF-6562 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect fails on HAVING clause
ZF-6330 Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect make incorrect SQL query when use join keyword
ZF-5956 Zend_Paginator factory chokes when Zend_Db_Select has UNION
ZF-5785 Zend_Paginator should offer setDefaultItemCountPerPage()
ZF-5561 setRowCount() needs more documentation
ZF-5295 Failure on Oracle database
ZF-5141 Useing index on a 64-bit system
ZF-4113 Exception opening index on 64bit platforms
ZF-4071 Lucene doesn't work on 64-bit
ZF-7030 Typo in exception
ZF-7029 Zend_Service_Amazon_S3 - Incorrect IP address matching in createBucket method
ZF-7036 Zend_Tool: Zend_Version not found
ZF-7035 "zf create project-provider" not work.
ZF-6988 error.phtml produced with invalid doctype
ZF-6977 create project generates wrong HTML in views/script/index/index.phtml
ZF-6853 Zend_Tool_Project_Provider_Controller::create() doesnt pass $module variable
ZF-6755 Zend_Tool_Project_Provider_Controller refuses to create a controller in a module if a controller with the same name exists in default module
ZF-6663 Error in creating a view
ZF-6529 Zend_Tool_Project_Provider_View
ZF-7019 Zend_Validate_Db_ Messages are missing from the docs
ZF-6637 headMeta() making PHP fatal error
ZF-6321 JQuery Accordion is not working
ZF-6048 JQuery Slider reset to 0 with the default change event
ZF-5841 Slider View Helper forces slider back to zero.
ZF-5810 ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_Slider - default parameter of startValue is set although this is not a parameter in the jQuery docs
ZF-6998 Little typos in PHPDoc blocks of different ZendFramework classes
ZF-507 Update all docblocks to use consistent copyright/license header.