2.0.0rc7 (This is the seventh release candidate for 2.0.0. At this time, we anticipate that this will be the final release candidate before issuing a stable release. We highly recommend testing your production applications against it.)

ID Title (GitHub Link)
# end\Di - Fixes ArrayDefinition and ClassDefinition hasM
# end\Form - Fixes issue with multi-checkbox ren
# end\I18n - DateFormat view helper now correctly falls back to date.timezone setting instead of system ti
# end\Ldap - Fixes an error nesting co
# end\Log - Fixes an issue with Zend\Log\Formatter\Simple whereby it was using a legacy key ("info") instead of the key standardized upon in ZF2 ("extra"). - Simple formatter now defaults to JSON-encoding for array and object serializ
# end\Mail - The Date header is now properly encoded as
# end\Mvc - Fixes an issue in the ViewHelperManagerFactory whereby a condition was testing against an uninitialized value. - Added zend-console to composer.json depend
# end\View - Breadcrumbs helper allows passing string container name now, allowing multiple navigation containers. - ServerUrl now works for servers behind p