Using Pyrus

If you don't have, pyrus, download it from us!


To install ZF packages with pyrus jump in your directory and run:

$ pyrus.phar .
$ pyrus.phar . channel-discover
$ pyrus.phar . install zf2/

where <zf-package> is the package that you want to install. You can install systemwide by omitting the "." in the above examples. Alternately, you can specify a specific path instead of "." (the current directory). The packages listed below may all be installed. As an example:

$ pyrus.phar . install zf2/Zend_Http

To install the full standard distribution, use the "Zend_Framework" metapackage, and indicate the "Standard" distribution, as follows:

$ pyrus.phar . install zf2/Zend_Framework#Standard

If you wish to install a non-stable version of that package, append the -beta, -rc or -devel modifier prior to the # mark:

$ pyrus.phar . install zf2/Zend_Framework-beta#Standard

Available Packages

Pyrus is the PEAR2 installer; for more information, please visit the PEAR2 and Pyrus website. The version we include also includes the developer tools and simple channel service tools, which are typically not included in the standard Pyrus distribution, but which can be of use to those interested in creating and distributing packages.