Get the Skeleton Application

This is a simple, skeleton application using the ZF2 MVC layer and module systems. This application is meant to be used as a starting place for those looking to get their feet wet with ZF2.


Using Composer (recommended)

The recommended way to get a working copy of this project is to clone the repository and use composer to install dependencies:

cd my/project/dir
git clone git://
cd ZendSkeletonApplication
php composer.phar install

Instead of cloning, you can also grab a tarball or zipball, unpack it, and then run Composer within the newly created directory.

Using Git submodules

Alternatively, you can install using native git submodules:

git clone git:// --recursive

Testing it

Once you have the skeleton applicaion installed, verify that it works.

Virtual host

Set up a virtual host to point to the "public/" directory of the project and you should be ready to go!

PHP 5.4 built-in server

Enter the "public/" directory, and start up the web server. As an example, the following will start the server on port 8888; you would then browse to "http://localhost:8888/" to test the application:

cd public
php -S localhost:8888

Next steps

Don't know what to do next? Read the user guide!