Issues for ZF1

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ID Title
ZF-1 Quote SQL identifiers
ZF-2 Test Fisheye to JIRA linker
ZF-3 Zend_Log Level Ignored
ZF-4 Move Proposals from SVN to Wiki
ZF-5 Zend_Log Should Log Error Level Text Instead of Numeric Value
ZF-6 Ability to use TrueType fonts in PDF documents
ZF-7 ZF + php.ini(session.save_handler = eaccelerator) --> apache BusError TRAC-117
ZF-8 143 "errors" reported abt ZF in Eclipse PHP IDE TRAC-151
ZF-9 unit test failure for Zend_Mime; OS/env dependent? TRAC-145
ZF-10 Incorrect input filtering methods names
ZF-11 Upgrade binary file handling in Zend_Pdf_Image subclasses.
ZF-12 Reduce memory footprint of Zend_Pdf streams.
ZF-13 Ability for Zend_Pdf to operate with encrypted documents
ZF-14 Remove Zend_Pdf_Const
ZF-15 Normalize line endings in Zend_Pdf
ZF-16 Add instructions for Zend_Pdf_Color_HTML
ZF-17 Add documentation chapter which describes encoding processing, including Unicode characters support, Windows ANSI encoding and internal Symbol and Zapf Dingbats encodings
ZF-18 Translate font changes in Zend_Pdf English documentation to other languages
ZF-19 Binary file parser class for Zend_Pdf
ZF-20 test failure(s): Zend/Pdf/Element
ZF-21 Zend_Db_Table::find() - return values have inconsistent type
ZF-22 More unit tests for Zend_Filter
ZF-23 Zend_Http_Client::get() always build path string with '?'
ZF-24 Need PHP code formatter for JIRA and Confluence Wiki
ZF-25 Zend_Controller_Router breaks on IIS due to differences between IIS and Apache (TRAC#2)