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ZF-233 RewriteRouter - better backwards compatibility
ZF-234 MS SQL Server: usage of uninitialized variable in limit()
ZF-235 Usage of an unitialized variable in function Zend_Feed_EntryAtom::save()
ZF-236 Usage of uninitialized variable in Zend_Pdf_FileParser_Font_OpenType::_parseCmapTable()
ZF-237 Usage of an unitialized variable in function Zend_Pdf_Filter_Compression_Flate::encode()
ZF-238 RewriteRouter improvement - changed variable requirement handling
ZF-239 Consider RewriteRouter's setRewriteBase option in _redirect() method
ZF-240 Zend_Controller_Router
ZF-241 pdo_pgsql : a notice in the describeTable() method
ZF-243 Custom route handlers for Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter
ZF-244 Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter: addRoutes() for one hit route loading
ZF-245 Zend_Controller_Router_Route::assemble() does not check requirement regex's
ZF-246 SetControllerMethod in Zend_Controller_Front has a redundant check for setControllerDirectory
ZF-247 Zend_Controller_Router_Route - overwriting variables should not be possible
ZF-248 Assemble method of Zend_Controller_Router_Route should use URL values as defaults
ZF-249 Tokenizer does not support UTF-8 - Potential way to fix
ZF-250 Zend_Db_Table: __construct() uses Zend::registry instead of Zend_Config
ZF-251 RewriteRouter controller/action/value/value/value....
ZF-252 Router.php patch
ZF-253 License is wrong for Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter, Zend_Controller_Router_Route and Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Interface
ZF-254 use $token for an instance of Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Token
ZF-255 Zend_Db_Profiler function name mismatch
ZF-256 improper use of "final" keyword
ZF-257 before and later action
ZF-258 Implement Zend_Filter::isEmail()