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ZF-259 Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp::_receive timeout
ZF-260 ready to use user and rule system and ofcouse a profile system
ZF-261 Unimplemented Methods should throw and assert
ZF-262 RewriteRouter: weird rewriteBase
ZF-263 Rolling File Appender
ZF-264 Quoted Printable Problems
ZF-265 Document character escaping query parser feature (Changeset [220])
ZF-266 Zend_Db_Adapter->insert() to support "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE"
ZF-267 Add video search to Zend_Service_Yahoo
ZF-268 Zend_Config - get node structure
ZF-269 Support UTF-8 string filtering and validation
ZF-270 Trying to log to multiple loggers raises exeption
ZF-271 Setting multiple default loggers raises exeption
ZF-272 Add support for Yahoo! Site Explorer
ZF-273 MS SQL Server: Zend_Db_Table doesn't correctly quote the table name
ZF-274 MySQL: application hangs after query returns too much data
ZF-275 not filter for accented string
ZF-276 Table: fetchAll("","name") with blank string throw exception
ZF-277 form helpers should generate a default id attribute
ZF-278 DB Adapter / PDO: quoting PHP's null value, working with empty/null values in columns
ZF-279 Zend_Db_Statement::fetchColumn() fetches all rows - PDOStatement::fetchColumn() only the next one
ZF-280 Allow Zend_Controller_Action to abort before run()
ZF-281 add more predefined field, like %date%
ZF-282 add method debug(), info() for supplement to log()
ZF-283 'Illegal Token' on decoding arrays with a blank or linebreak before right bracket