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ZF-284 RewriteRouter: Add routes to Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter from Zend_Config
ZF-285 PDO: Allow definition of attributes to pass to the PDO object, upon creation of Zend_DB object.
ZF-286 Problem with RewriteController and params...
ZF-287 Check final methods in controller
ZF-288 Enable Router to work without relying on mod_rewrite (or equivalent for other web servers)
ZF-289 This is a new approach for the Session Module for Zend and is open for any implementation in the future
ZF-290 Add a default return param to all get functions
ZF-291 Mail without body triggering a fatal error instead of an Exception
ZF-292 add a way to get a centralized cache management with Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page in a bootstrap file
ZF-293 Zend_Log lets you unregister a default logger
ZF-294 The Zend_Pdf::properties() method returns nothing
ZF-295 Implement score normalisation
ZF-296 Zend_Uri_Http validateFragment() and validateQuery() always return true
ZF-297 Not testing REQUEST_URI is set
ZF-298 Can't access $view->foo[] = something
ZF-299 Update Zend_XmlRpc_Value* tree to utilize DOM to build XML
ZF-300 Zend_Db_Table: map SQL datatypes to PHP native datatypes
ZF-301 Remove requirement for camelcaps transforms for Db fields
ZF-302 Zend_Pdf - Drawing rounded corners rectangle
ZF-303 Decoding URL parameters in RewriteRouter
ZF-304 New method isKeyOf
ZF-305 Problem with line endings on Mac
ZF-306 Can not set frontend option logging to false
ZF-307 Confusion about inflected versus native in $_cols array
ZF-308 Encoding is wrong when language is not english