Issues for ZF1

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ID Title
ZF-309 Return number of Resultpages
ZF-310 Calling controller with non-existant action causes error
ZF-311 Zend_Filter::isPhone returns TRUE instead of passed value on success
ZF-312 Typo in manual for Zend_Db_Profiler.
ZF-313 TTFBox or TextWidth/Height function (word wrapping functionality)
ZF-314 Add PDF bookmark creation/editing
ZF-315 Add support for file: scheme
ZF-316 Zend_Config - add helper function for returning type value
ZF-317 Formats a string from a URI, not remove any non alphanumeric characters
ZF-318 Zend_Filter_Input::testEmail does not work
ZF-319 Zend_HTTP_Response isRedirect is incorrect
ZF-320 hashedDirectoryUmask wont work on some installations
ZF-321 Allow other HTTP status codes in Zend_Controller_Action::_redirect()
ZF-322 Use '#' to comment out lines in inifile ..
ZF-324 itemLookup() ignores multiple items
ZF-325 fix to HTTP Client ->_read to handle status lines with missing Reason Phrase
ZF-326 SMTP transport is not prepending dots to lines beginning with a dot
ZF-327 Zend_Http_Client does not handle POST correct
ZF-328 Zend_Mail / Zend_Mime does not allow use of 'Content-type: multipart/related'
ZF-329 Removal of loadInterface() Method
ZF-330 Zend_Json encode overhead
ZF-331 Zend_Json _decodeObject
ZF-333 Zend_Filter_Input::testDate with three parameters
ZF-334 Zend_Filter::isName should allow periods (and commas?).
ZF-335 isCcnum test passes erroneously