Issues for ZF1

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ID Title
ZF-336 Detected an illegal character in input string
ZF-337 Zend_Db_Table_Row: implement array iterator for DB_ROW
ZF-338 add Zend_DB_Row::fromArray()
ZF-339 Zend::dump corrupts Polish chars
ZF-340 better unit tests for Zend_Cache
ZF-341 Zend::dump() different charsets support
ZF-342 Enable Zend_Mail to send s/mime signed and/or encrypted mail.
ZF-343 Warning in asArray() then one of the properties is an empty array
ZF-344 new classes extends Zend_Filter_Input for writable arrays
ZF-345 'Wrong TermInfoIndexFile file format' exception with large index, prepared with Jave Lucene 2.0
ZF-346 Implement Zend_Hash from Zend_Config
ZF-347 PDO: expressions with colon character interpreted as PDO named parameter
ZF-348 Zend_DB: Stored Procedure Example
ZF-349 add getConnection() to Abstract.php
ZF-350 Reserved route names
ZF-351 Query string improvement to Zend_Uri_Http and Zend_Http_Client
ZF-352 Proposed change to INI section extension
ZF-353 Generate PDF - HTML from docbooks
ZF-354 RewriteRouter.php: public function addRoute()
ZF-355 Zend_Controller_Action in combination with Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter
ZF-356 Incorrectly titled section (probably result of copying the previous section title)
ZF-357 Inconsistency with coding standards and creating custom view helpers
ZF-358 Zend_Filter isName doesn't handle accent
ZF-359 "make clean" on documentation doesn't clean everything
ZF-360 Cache IDs are validated unnecessarily