Issues for ZF1

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ZF-26 Zend_Feed doesn't read entries not in the channel element (TRAC#7)
ZF-27 the Zend framework doesn't currently quote the column names in it's (My)SQL queries (TRAC#9)
ZF-28 Zend_Db_Select::_tableCols() won't select table-specific columns
ZF-29 Add Platform to setFrom() method of Zend_Mail class (TRAC#13)
ZF-30 add a clearRecipients() method to the Zend_Mail (TRAC#14)
ZF-31 PostgreSQL: implement describeTable() method
ZF-32 Zend Log throwing an error without a default logger (TRAC#16)
ZF-33 Cannot reliably draw on loaded documents containing rotated pages
ZF-34 Zend_Db_Table: Add join() method
ZF-35 ZF Version check (TRAC#22)
ZF-36 Specify fetch mode for internal Zend_Db queries
ZF-37 Support multi-column primary keys in Zend_Db_Table
ZF-38 Zend_Db_Table should allow custom Row objects
ZF-39 Zend_Db_Table For Update
ZF-40 Zend_Db_Select SQL: FOR UPDATE
ZF-41 Default index action for debugging (TRAC#30)
ZF-42 Zend_Validate::isEmail() implementation (TRAC#34)
ZF-43 Unit Tests: First attempt at Zend_Db_Adapter_* unit tests. (TRAC#36)
ZF-44 Import of rss feed (bug?) (TRAC#41 Johannes Orth)
ZF-45 Zend_Db_Table::fetchRow() should return NULL for no resulting rows
ZF-46 New HtmlList helper (TRAC#45
ZF-47 session_commit() before header redirect (TRAC#48)
ZF-48 MySQLi: Zend_Db_Adapter_MySQLi implementation incomplete (non functional) (TRAC#54)
ZF-49 Zend_DB_Adapter_Abstract should has a function like checkConnection()
ZF-50 Name Filter: PDO::CASE_NATURAL lower case column names