Issues for ZF1

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ZF-51 Missing error handling in _connect() (TRAC#74)
ZF-52 Extra/repeated column in fetchAssoc() result-set
ZF-53 quote() quotes numeric values inappropriately.
ZF-54 Missing error handling in query()
ZF-55 Zend_Controller only works at "root-level": Zend_Controller_Front::setdispatcherBaseUri(); missing? (TRAC#79)
ZF-56 Zend_Db_Table insert problems with last_insert_id on postgre
ZF-57 Zend_Db_Table functionality for working with table structure
ZF-58 Checking for PDO extensions (Trac #114)
ZF-59 Possible Problem with Zend_Json::decode
ZF-60 formatActionName() method is missing from Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Interface
ZF-61 RewriteRouter does not correctly handle the default action
ZF-62 Need unit tests for new rewrite router
ZF-63 New rewrite router in need of docs in the manual
ZF-64 Need $page->translate() and $page->skew() functions
ZF-72 Create code-gallery compatible server to hold code snippets for the framework
ZF-73 Create simple example project for IDE integration
ZF-74 Uncomment default route in Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter
ZF-75 Automate updating of HTML Documentation produced by phpDocumentor (TRAC#82 gavin)
ZF-76 Zend_Search_Lucene don't index polish chars in UTF-8 (TRAC#83)
ZF-77 Sort does not work for itemSearch()
ZF-78 PostgreSQL: Zend_Db_Table insert problems with last_insert_id
ZF-79 Zend_Db_Pdo_Mssql uninitialized variable (TRAC#89 darby)
ZF-80 Zend_Controller_Action::_getParam default return value logic error (TRAC#90 ralph)
ZF-81 Documentation for next action could be improved (TRAC#94)
ZF-82 Service_Amazon_Item doesn't return valid information about Tracks.