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ZF-83 when more than three Author nodes exist
ZF-84 Zend_Filter::isHostname not allow a hostname that has one character part like "" (TRAC-130)
ZF-85 Query Parser not handling fieldbname with underscores
ZF-86 Remove @author tag from RewriteRouter classes
ZF-87 Index optimization (segment merging)
ZF-88 PHP allowed memory exhausted fatal error
ZF-89 Zend_Cache is ready to get out from the incubator
ZF-90 memory segmen storage provider
ZF-91 Zend_Search_Lucene constructor segment bug (reported by tobias382 gm l.c m)
ZF-92 Zend_Search_Lucene find() result set size restriction (reported by tobias382 gm l.c m in ald issue tracker)
ZF-93 Multiple Commit in Index - Search returns no result (reported by tom (at) rtl (dot) lu)
ZF-94 Boolean queries
ZF-95 Implement Sorting
ZF-96 Implement Search Highlighting
ZF-97 Zend_Http_Response: to support a status line without Reason-Phrase
ZF-98 Messages beetwen actions
ZF-99 MySQL adapters quoteIdenfifier() quotes ` incorrectly (TRAC#95)
ZF-100 Zend_Log_Adapter_Db calls non-existent methods (TRAC#96)
ZF-101 Zend_View_Abstract::_loadClass() doesn't work with classes on the include path (TRAC#99)
ZF-102 Zend_View_Abstract: public clearParams() requested (TRAC#100)
ZF-103 MySQLi vs PDO MySQL: Manual for DB Adapters should recommend use of PDO version over MySQLi Adapter (TRAC#103)
ZF-104 Can you create headers and footers with zend_pdf? (TRAC#104 Ryno)
ZF-105 Zend_Db_Select::bind() missing? (TRAC#111)
ZF-106 PHP allowed memory exhausted fatal error (TRAC#112)
ZF-107 Zend_Pdf_Image: Allow image creation from memory sources (like GD) (TRAC#116)