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ZF-108 Document Framework Requirements
ZF-109 Update website info. for CLA submission, and mail lists (announce, unsubscribe, etc.) (TRAC#122 gavin)
ZF-110 English Manual - Editors and Contribution Process (TRAC#123 gavin)
ZF-111 CLA Catchup (TRAC#124 gavin)
ZF-112 Fatal error when Service_Yahoo is run (TRAC#127)
ZF-113 Zend_Db functionality for working with table structure
ZF-114 Support extra information identified by names with underscores
ZF-115 Zend_Filter::isHostname not allow "" (TRAC#130)
ZF-116 Manual does not make clear how to get images with Zend_Service_Amazon (TRAC#131)
ZF-117 Manual gives wrong type for property of Zend_Service_Amazon_Image (TRAC#132)
ZF-118 Service_Amazon_Item: when the Authros node have more than three items (TRAC#135)
ZF-119 Service_Amazon_Item not return valid Track (TRAC#136)
ZF-120 Zend_Controller_Front method setRouter() does not return instance of self (TRAC#137)
ZF-121 Zend_Db_Select incorrectly handling multiple 'from()' calls to the same table name
ZF-122 Fetching Multiple Rows - wrong docs (TRAC#140)
ZF-123 Zend_Filter_Input doesn't check if requested key exists (TRAC#142)
ZF-124 Zend_View_Abstract: needs abstract protected function _run() ? (TRAC#146)
ZF-125 _prepareRest in Zend_Service_Rest has too many required arguments for requests other than GET (TRAC#147)
ZF-126 Zend_Pdf fails (TRAC#149)
ZF-127 IIS Support? (TRAC#150)
ZF-128 Developer wiki bugs on click on open issues histo bar (TRAC#152)
ZF-129 drawText flaw with non-standard document size (TRAC#153)
ZF-130 the incubator version of Zend_Http_Client don't support "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"
ZF-131 Zend_Mail_Transport_Abstract array_walk() creates E_NOTICE
ZF-132 Styling of manual navigation inconsistent between header and footer (TRAC-5)