Issues for ZF1

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ZF-133 Text field tokenized search not work (TRAC-101)
ZF-134 Is it / will it be possible to sign PDFs with Zend_Pdf? (TRAC-46)
ZF-135 Add search capabilities to the framework mailing list archives (TRAC-70)
ZF-136 Need mailing list archive for
ZF-137 PostgreSQL: Zend_Db_Table::delete function crashes, memory_limit reached
ZF-138 Automatically prepend _rewriteBase to outgoing routes in Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter
ZF-139 Insert/update do not distinguish between literal strings and SQL expressions
ZF-140 Zend_DB PDO insert
ZF-141 Possibility to replace placeholders in an existing PDF with form data
ZF-142 15.1.1. Script du Controlleur : exemple
ZF-143 __autoload and Zend_View::setHelperPath exception
ZF-144 Editing sent comments
ZF-145 Zend_Http_Client incubator version has incompatible constructor parameters
ZF-146 Internal DB Result cache
ZF-147 Need getConnection() to create and return connection even if no query has been issued
ZF-148 Zend_View_Helper_* breaks coding standard convention
ZF-149 Typo in Zend_Cache doc
ZF-150 Error in driver selection
ZF-151 Zend::includePath(), excludePath(), correctPath()
ZF-152 Html balise in code
ZF-153 little mistake in 3.3.9. Fetching Multiple Rows ('fetchRow()' should be 'fetch()')
ZF-154 an invalid response causes an infinite loop
ZF-155 $headerValue may be $location?
ZF-156 Russian documentation build broken
ZF-157 why sending CRLF?