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ZF-158 Move RewriteRouter to core
ZF-159 PDOException thrown "SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter" on some queries due to bad parameter handling
ZF-160 Zend_Pdf notices -- needs review
ZF-161 Strict Standards - Non-static method DOMDocument::load() should not be called statically
ZF-162 Strict Standards: Non-static method Zend_Mime::encode() should not be called statically
ZF-163 Strict Standards: Non-static method Zend_Mime_Message::_disassembleMime() should not be called statically
ZF-164 $_pdoType is not a property when using Sqlite
ZF-165 cannot quote coloum names in sqlite
ZF-166 Improvements to RewriteRouter - Can now match routes like Ruby on Rails
ZF-167 Weird counting of "Open Issues by Component"
ZF-168 Japanese manual translation builds with errors
ZF-169 Zend_Cache web documentation is not complete
ZF-170 Zend_Filter_Input iterable
ZF-171 Need a tool to aid users in reporting their environment/config when reporting problems
ZF-172 $this->_option should be $this->_options at line 140 in Zend_Cache_Core
ZF-173 Missing parenthesis in the example
ZF-174 Documentation mistake in 'Adding Domain Logic' example
ZF-175 cacheDir requires trailing slash
ZF-176 Possible to intervalize timeLife
ZF-177 Make a constant for cleaning all expired cache except the accessed ones.
ZF-178 Typo in Zend_Cache doc
ZF-179 when redirect to another host, header don't set a new host name.
ZF-180 Zend_Db_Table_Row: __get function maps incorrectly to _data
ZF-181 date/time abstraction
ZF-182 Zend_Db_Select::where() and ::orWhere() are insufficient