Issues for ZF1

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ZF-183 Support for HTTP responses that use different linebreaks than CRLF
ZF-184 Zend_Filter::isZip
ZF-185 Introduction of the new memcached backend
ZF-186 Add method Zend_Db_Table::fetchCol()
ZF-187 Zend_Cache EXAMPLES.txt is out of accordance with Frontend\Output.php
ZF-188 SQL debug
ZF-189 Oracle: Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle->listTables() has undefined variable
ZF-190 Make Zend_Db_Rowset, Zend_Db_Row serialisable
ZF-191 Allow setting primary key values when creating/updating rows
ZF-192 Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle->describeTable() bad sql request
ZF-193 Zend_Config_Array::load : PHP notice when throwing exception
ZF-194 PHP notice in Zend/Pdf/Element/Reference.php
ZF-195 Ability to set the MAIL FROM: to specify the Return-path when using SMTP
ZF-196 view and helper make a large usage of htmlspecialchars() and are not usable by people working with accentuated caracters
ZF-197 Zend_Db_Select: new method reset()
ZF-198 new APC (shared memory) backend
ZF-199 Controller names with more than one uppercase character not dispatched
ZF-200 Zend_Service_Rest restPost doesn't set argument 2 for _prepareRest() and causes fatal error.
ZF-201 PDO Adapter names should begin with 'pdo_'. Required beginning with ZF 0.2
ZF-202 The newly supported pdo_mysql style naming syntax no longer works, when specifying a PDO adapter name for Zend_Db
ZF-203 Zend_Cache_sqliteBackendTest causes tests to stop running if sqlite isn't isntalled
ZF-204 Properly supporting table aliases in Zend_Db_Select
ZF-205 Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter not working with RewriteRule defined directly in an Apache config
ZF-206 German Manual Translation Does not Build
ZF-207 Search doesn't work for 'type' field.