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ZF-208 Ability to take cache identifier as any string
ZF-209 Function names and use of TRUE and FALSE
ZF-210 Manual Misspelling: LoadInterface page
ZF-211 can't commit on the file TestConfiguration.php.dist
ZF-212 Some extra methods for Zend_Filter
ZF-213 Trim on construction
ZF-214 Inheritance and private
ZF-215 Support for all URI characters in Route's default regex
ZF-216 placeholder in method query don't work property
ZF-217 placeholder in method query don't work
ZF-218 Support column syntax in Zend_Db_Table
ZF-219 insert() parameter is array reference, so it cannot be an array literal
ZF-220 PostgreSQL: Zend_Db cannot bind PHP array for column of array SQL datatype
ZF-221 Zend_Filter::isDigits() operates erratically
ZF-222 Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter error
ZF-223 Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo Bind problems
ZF-224 Few errors in unit tests
ZF-225 Zend_Controller Test Failure
ZF-226 Sendmail does not send Bcc
ZF-227 regex pattern in Zend_Json_Decode::_eatWhitespace() method
ZF-228 document and field boost does not work
ZF-229 Redefining update method also needs to specify the where clause
ZF-230 View Script Paths
ZF-231 Wildcard route and additional parameter fetching
ZF-232 Function call is declared as $variable in function Zend_Cache_Backend_APC::test()