Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-1 Zend\Db\Db on line 253 prints a string instead of throwing a proper exception
ZF2-2 Zend Tool incorrectly requests 'Log' Boostrap resource in generated ErrorController for new project (rename hasPluginResource to hasResource)
ZF2-3 "Class \Zend\Ldap\DN not found" --seems to be an incorrect class name used in Zend\Ldap\Ldap.php
ZF2-4 Zend_Config_Ini should support string input
ZF2-5 Add the ability to import config files into other config files
ZF2-6 Zend_Config_Xml: allow extending for lower levels
ZF2-7 Zend_Config_Xml support for namespaces attributes
ZF2-8 Add option to support INI_SCANNER_RAW on Zend_Config_Ini to return proper type values
ZF2-9 Zend_Config Factory
ZF2-10 iterating over a Zend_Config
ZF2-11 "Loader::loadClass " code is remains
ZF2-12 zf enable config COMMAND not work when specify other namespace
ZF2-13 Remove internal error handler on reading files
ZF2-14 ReflectionFile confuses "as" of foreach and "as" of namespace
ZF2-15 Ignore, fixed in 2.0.0dev2 Zend/Mail/AbstractProtocol.php fails to load Zend/Validator/Hostname.php
ZF2-16 PluginLoaderTest.php not require no longer.
ZF2-17 Upgrade dojo in svn externals to version 1.6
ZF2-18 Extending Zend_Log using namespaces
ZF2-19 CallbackHandlerTest calls undefined method getSignal()
ZF2-21 Zend/Application/Resource/Navigation.php: Call to undefined method Zend\View\PhpRenderer::getHelper()
ZF2-22 Provide methods for manipulating the Service Locator Map
ZF2-23 Form\Decorator\File not render
ZF2-24 "static function factory" & PluginBroker
ZF2-25 Tool_Framework's System_Provider_Config holds invalid class.
ZF2-26 Zend\Amf uses Reflection\Reflection -