Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-253 \Zend\Filter\StringTrim return NULL at Russian "Р" ("Рп", "Рз" ...)
ZF2-254 Set-Cookie header missing setters in constructor
ZF2-255 Loss of module DI injections in ConfigListener::mergeTraversableConfig
ZF2-256 Automatic rendering view of current module
ZF2-257 Update all docblocks to use consistent copyright/license header. Version: 2012
ZF2-258 Setting encoding to utf8 while using the sendmail transport causes spaces to be removed from subject
ZF2-259 Trailing slashes - Page Not Found Error
ZF2-260 Support for classnames as parameter value in DI
ZF2-261 Zend DI Factory Method called twice
ZF2-262 Zend\Db\Adapter\Driver\Mysqli\Result Iterator implementation mangled
ZF2-263 Zend\Db Cannot use Expression in insert()
ZF2-264 ClassmapAutoloader returns void what cause problems with Doctrine ORM 2.2
ZF2-265 Zend\Db\Sql\Insert::prepareStatement() produces incorrect database quoting
ZF2-266 Zend\Code\Scanner\ClassScanner don't recognize abstract functions
ZF2-267 PHP 5.4 + Zend GDATA + YouTube + OAuth Consumer => No Request Token
ZF2-268 AmazonS3 service broken
ZF2-269 ATOM generation problem
ZF2-270 Validator\Db\NoRecordExists - Fatal error: Class 'Zend\Db\Table\AbstractTable' not found
ZF2-271 There is no need to check the type
ZF2-272 Remove Zend\Cache's dependency on Zend\EventManager
ZF2-273 use weakref will lose the listener object
ZF2-274 HTML5 forms in Zend Framework
ZF2-275 add an options container to the Twitter Search
ZF2-276 parse error at document zend.view.quick-start.xml
ZF2-277 Oracle DB tables and columns names are case sensitive