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ZF2-278 Zend\Db\Predicate\Operator fails on 0 and "" (empty string)
ZF2-279 RestfulController does not work with automatic template injection
ZF2-280 PDO options problem
ZF2-281 Cannot Count rows in a MySQLi Result Set
ZF2-282 Install instructions need to be updated
ZF2-283 Incorrectly merging of DI.definition.class.instantiator
ZF2-284 DI reused "shared" parameters for dependencies, which crates unexpected problems
ZF2-285 Code\Reflection\DocBlockReflection::reflect() does extract the clean DocComment, but ignores it afterwards
ZF2-286 Cannot inject per-instance substitutions into classes implementing Aware interfaces
ZF2-287 The Zend\Db\Sql\Where\In only uses the first value passed
ZF2-288 Support optional subdomain pieces in Hostname route
ZF2-289 TableGateway select() has no option to choose which columns will be fetched
ZF2-290 All the <select> <option>s are disabled
ZF2-291 For ZF 2.0, rename the current Zend_Feed_Reader parser method getLinks() - it conflicts with Zend_Feed_Writer using the matching method to refer to generic Atom links
ZF2-292 Type hinting is ignored if a single parameter is defined for a method
ZF2-293 Support multiple versions of AWS API
ZF2-294 function prepareStatementFromSqlObject() doesn't exist on current git master, breaks RowGateway
ZF2-295 alias
ZF2-296 The classmap_generator tool doesn't map traits
ZF2-297 Pdo_Mysql host connection parameter is not used
ZF2-298 ServiceManager : Configuration & abstract factories
ZF2-299 Callback Validator second arg is array of the form fields
ZF2-300 Allow Zend\Config\Reader\Xml to support multiple values of the same name as an array
ZF2-301 Zend\Code\Scanner\FunctionScanner is incomplete
ZF2-302 Zend\Mvc\Router\RouteInterface is not graceful