Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-303 zend\gdata & zend\http\client
ZF2-304 View helpers form, formLabel, formInput, formElementErrors
ZF2-305 Zend\File\Transfer\Adapter\AbstractAdapter setTranslator
ZF2-306 View Helper FormElements renders reversed options ($val=>$key)
ZF2-307 Hydrator from getter/setter.
ZF2-308 Static methods are being injected
ZF2-309 support of [] operator in nested ini config
ZF2-310 Validation group not set when values are bound
ZF2-311 Zend\Filter tests failed
ZF2-312 Update the list of components in JIRA
ZF2-313 Double execution of injection methods in Zend\Di\Di:handleInjectDependencies()
ZF2-314 setDefaultTranslator() method not exist
ZF2-315 Warning in ViewManager about HelperLoader
ZF2-316 Locale XML files for zh_CN and zh_TW are missing
ZF2-317 Controller not found automagically..
ZF2-318 Call bad method to set description in constructor
ZF2-319 Lucene, multi index, id and document
ZF2-320 view_manager -> helper_map is Zend\Config\Config and not array in Zend/Mvc/View/ViewManager
ZF2-321 Label are not well-formed
ZF2-322 Allow elements and fieldsets to have their own object and hydrator
ZF2-323 PluginBroker and load with alias
ZF2-324 o Team
ZF2-325 Zend/Loader is not included in the zend-loader bundle
ZF2-326 Zend\Code\Generator allows invalid class/method/property names
ZF2-327 The Upload validator might be broken