Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-328 ZF2 should ship with factories for JsonStrategy and FeedStrategy
ZF2-329 Cant set validator to ignore empty variables
ZF2-330 BaseInputFilter::isValid() fails for empty data values
ZF2-331 Digits Validator append %value% to an empty string error message
ZF2-332 Wrong variable used to inject ServiceManager using the ServiceManagerAwareInterface
ZF2-333 Error using the EventManagerAwareInterface
ZF2-334 ssh connection for Document List
ZF2-335 DI not resolving parameters for child classes properly
ZF2-336 Form files and enctype
ZF2-337 inArray validator do nothing unless strict is set to true
ZF2-338 FormSelect options with int values
ZF2-339 Zend\OpenID\Consumer Generates Illegal 'openid.realm' Values
ZF2-340 NotEmpty being added to Not Requred InputFilter
ZF2-341 setDirUmask Exception
ZF2-342 Forward plugin to another controller throws a routing error
ZF2-343 input type checkbox, doesn't get checked when populating form
ZF2-344 Form's FormElementErrors view helper doesn't accept attributes
ZF2-345 After using Forward plugin render fails on Resolver error
ZF2-346 Upload file in google
ZF2-347 Extra Line Ending
ZF2-348 Zend\Http\Client returns stripped results
ZF2-349 headScript breaks text/x-jquery-tmpl by surrounding with your script with escapers
ZF2-350 I should be able to access parameters match by router from request
ZF2-351 Factories name and plugin name
ZF2-352 Zend\Mail\Message has no setReturnPath method