Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-353 Zend\Mail\Transport\Smtp does not preserve header encoding
ZF2-354 Wrong paramater for file_put_contents
ZF2-355 Only last trace gets logged in ExceptionHandler Formatter
ZF2-356 Empty messages from NotEmpty validator
ZF2-357 Confusing usage of Interfaces "Color" and "ColorInterface" in \Zend\PDF
ZF2-358 Select elements won't be selected when isValid() fails
ZF2-359 Zend\Mail\Header\HeaderWrap::mimeEncodeValue assumes ISO-8859-1 input
ZF2-360 encodeQuotedPrintableHeader don't respect the line length limit
ZF2-361 encodeQuotedPrintableHeader can't calculate the length of the first line
ZF2-362 Quotation in Mysql SQL adapter
ZF2-363 Zend\Mail\Header\MimeVersion should use "MIME-Type" instead of "Mime-Type"
ZF2-364 Zend\Mail\Header::mimeEncodeValue unnecessarily encodes pure-ASCII headers
ZF2-365 custom validator base on Zend\Validator\NotEmpty
ZF2-366 Ipv6 host in ZF2 Uri (ZF-11188 again)
ZF2-367 SharedEventManager docblock references none existent method SharedEventManager::getInstance()
ZF2-368 ServiceManagerAwareInterface not working? It's not Bug ZF2-332
ZF2-369 SharedEventManagerAwareInterface causes Di to attempt to instantiate Interface
ZF2-370 sqlsrv_connect is not called when doing a connection to a Microsoft Sql Server
ZF2-371 Fieldsets not being populated on submit
ZF2-372 [Mail] addHeaders() throws exception on invalid headers
ZF2-373 Add ability to use custom ResultSet prototype per query in Db\Adapter
ZF2-374 Add support for IRI validation (RFC3987)
ZF2-375 Make ServiceManager available to Routes
ZF2-376 HeadScript Prepend/Append
ZF2-377 Storage\Adapter\Filesystem: Wrong file permissions on multithreaded webservers