Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-378 ValidatorInterface doesnt have second optional paramter context defined in isValid method
ZF2-379 ExceptionStrategy doesn't work with JsonStrategy
ZF2-380 Mime::encodingHeaders don't return correct encoded headers
ZF2-381 Use "assert" when it's possible
ZF2-382 Cannot execute all tests
ZF2-383 Allow setting not empty validator in InputFilter\Input
ZF2-384 Error-inducing insert call from AbstractTableGateway does not fail with an exception
ZF2-385 Sql\Select produces an incorrect sql query for predicates that contain '%' characters
ZF2-386 Improper escaping in Db\Sql\Select join conditions
ZF2-387 classmap_generator.php does not detect multiple classes in a single file
ZF2-388 Aliases are not checked for by peering managers
ZF2-389 Create API directlinks for the Programmers Reference
ZF2-390 Unable to render child ViewModel in template
ZF2-391 formInput translates attribute autocomplete="off" into audocomplete="on"
ZF2-392 ZF2 Beta 5 Zend\InputFilter\Input returns only the string "Array" when using $inputFilter->getValue() on multicheckbox element
ZF2-393 InArray can't receive user defined options
ZF2-394 Capitalizing a letter in action name in URL makes everything crash
ZF2-395 DI doesnt contruct object properly when default contructor param other then null
ZF2-396 Add custom params to flash messanger messages
ZF2-397 preg_match fails in isUtf8() method from Escaper class
ZF2-398 Manual lags behind
ZF2-399 Inconsistent setter behavior in RowGateway
ZF2-400 ViewJsonStrategy
ZF2-401 Add support for RDFa 1.1 doctype
ZF2-402 JsonStrategy return renderer in any case