Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-403 Method getKeys() is missing in Zend\Db\Metadata\Object\ConstraintObject class
ZF2-404 Add source for SQL92 platform for Zend\Db\Metadata\Metadata
ZF2-405 PostgreSQL driver add quotes to the sentences and postgres can't resolve them
ZF2-406 Missing __isset / __unset in AbstractRowGateway
ZF2-407 Url view helper gives urls that doesn't work when using index as action
ZF2-408 Segment route bug
ZF2-409 After upgrading from beta4 to beta5 the S3 service stopped working
ZF2-410 Expiration hops in Zend\Session\Container do not remove expired values
ZF2-411 Validator\InArray not able to compare string values to ints
ZF2-412 The second Callback is not called
ZF2-413 Zend\Form\Element missing isArray support
ZF2-414 Throwing exception in template (and/or layout) doesnt fails gracefully
ZF2-415 flashMessanger doesnt return messages added within current request
ZF2-416 Call to undefined method Zend\Db\Sql\Select::__toString() In Paginator\Adaptor\DbSelect
ZF2-417 Zend\Form\Annotation\Hydrator doesn't allow to set underscoreSeparatedKeys
ZF2-418 AbstractTableGateway update with no where throws exception
ZF2-419 Small typo in Zend\Form Quickstart
ZF2-420 In Update, only the last part of the where is used when an array provided
ZF2-421 notEqualTo is missing in Predicate
ZF2-422 RouteNotFoundStrategy not configurable
ZF2-423 Breadcrumbs get active page fails
ZF2-424 Sql query builder doesn't support distinct
ZF2-425 FirePhp vs Firebug naming issue
ZF2-426 Translations are lost
ZF2-427 InputFilter Factory + AnnotationBuilder does not allow elements with name="type"