Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-428 RowGateway\AbstractRowGateway delete method does not do anything.
ZF2-429 DBTable Adapter - Row count is not available in unbuffered result sets.
ZF2-430 Method missing from ViewManager for console
ZF2-431 Zend\Session\Container does not allow modification by reference
ZF2-432 Constructor Zend\Stdlib\Glob::glob() cannot be static
ZF2-433 Params controller plugin has reference to other controller after using forward plugin
ZF2-434 Zend\View\HelperPluginManager fails when no translation key exists in configuration
ZF2-435 Data in Zend\Writer\Feed\Entry extensions bleeds between entries
ZF2-436 Zend\Mvc\Router\Http\Litteral route crashes with empty string as route
ZF2-437 Router HTTP Segment does not handle defaults correctly when matching
ZF2-438 Autoloading error while passing string value as call time user param to Di::newInstance for typeless parameter
ZF2-439 Zend\Filter\Encrypt should not rely on include_path
ZF2-440 Dealing with null values in form data
ZF2-441 is out of date
ZF2-442 "/" route can't have child_routes
ZF2-443 breakChainOnFailure
ZF2-444 Http\Client\Adapter\Socket not returning valid response
ZF2-445 Gzip content not uncompressed
ZF2-446 ControllerFactories could use their own Factory Interface
ZF2-447 Inconsistency in 'controller' key causes error with Zend\Navigation\Page::isActive()
ZF2-448 limit(20) -> generates LIMIT '20' and throws an IllegalQueryException
ZF2-449 Annotations and checkbox
ZF2-450 formSubmit Translation
ZF2-451 Db Adapter should provide a begin transaction and commit method
ZF2-452 Default Controller/Action 404 Error