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ZF2-27 Integrate ZF-9289 in ZF 2.0
ZF2-28 no support to extra plugins like ordinary plugins
ZF2-29 extraPlugins it's also a jsonParam in the Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Editor
ZF2-30 Multiple initialization of \Zend\Application\Resource plugins
ZF2-31 Captcha Element not render
ZF2-32 ClassNotFoundException when running from Zend Framework Version: 2.0.0dev1
ZF2-33 Default module conflicts with PHP 5.3 reserved keyword "default"
ZF2-34 Array arguments get flattened when creating Zend\Log\Logger
ZF2-35 Zend\OAuth\Signature and Zend\OAuth\AbstractSignature throw fatal error
ZF2-36 Multiple brokers initialization
ZF2-37 Belated broker marking of started resources
ZF2-38 Modules bootstraps continue resources executing
ZF2-39 PHP Fatal error: Class 'Zend\Loader\StandardAutoloader' not found in ~/ZendFramework-2.0.0dev3/bin/zfals.php on line 16
ZF2-40 Short class name for route type
ZF2-41 ZF-7848 reincarnation ("Empty static route (empty string) will NEVER match")
ZF2-42 DI Quickstart is out of sync from Wiki
ZF2-43 Zend\Translator tests fail because of unescaped regex
ZF2-44 Postcode support to Service
ZF2-45 Zend/Rest/RouteTest
ZF2-46 Definition/Compiler marks all setter-injection method arguments as optional
ZF2-47 Classmap generator doesn't work if you use -l switch and -o to store the file in another folder
ZF2-48 Cannot instantiate Zend_Form_Element_Captcha without adapter
ZF2-49 Zend\Di\DependencyInjector::createInstanceViaConstructor wrong index - line 280
ZF2-50 Add Codabar object to \Zend\Barcode
ZF2-51 Depreciation errors