Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-478 CSRF element is allowed only as direct child of the form
ZF2-479 Smarter handling of null value
ZF2-480 PhpEnvironment\Request->detectBaseUrl() issues an E_WARNING when using the PHP 5.4 built-in web server
ZF2-481 Need a maintener for ZendRest
ZF2-482 Unable to iterate over a database ResultSet twice
ZF2-483 Configure the default query mode in Db Adapter
ZF2-484 Log\Writer\Db not able to handle timestamp colum as datetime can't be converted to string
ZF2-485 'Statement could not be executed'
ZF2-486 Individual segments in a route are not filled when using url view helper and url controller plugin
ZF2-487 Ambiguous smtp options for creating transport object.
ZF2-488 Improve ease-of-use for i18n DateFormat view helper
ZF2-489 Form View Helpers do not translate placeholder attribute
ZF2-490 Default SSL config in Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Socket throws unspecified error
ZF2-491 Zend\Validate translations out of date
ZF2-492 Create a NotIn predicate
ZF2-493 setMessage() on email validator is not taken into account
ZF2-494 Multiple renderers.
ZF2-495 First optional routing segment acts as mandatory one
ZF2-496 Attached documents to message objects are corrupt
ZF2-497 Empty form data causes validationGroup error for Collections
ZF2-498 Allow FormLabel position to be defined in a configuration array
ZF2-499 Safari, URI seems broken
ZF2-500 FormCheckbox Translate Label
ZF2-501 Retrieve columns, constraints and table comments
ZF2-502 AbstractRowGateway