Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-503 getSqlStringForSqlObject() returns an invalid SQL statement with LIMIT and OFFSET clauses
ZF2-504 join on conditions don't accept alternatives to columns
ZF2-505 Zend\Form\View\Helper\FormRow doesn't render MultiCheckbox properly
ZF2-506 Zend\Validator\Db\NoRecordExists throws PDOException when used with exclude option
ZF2-507 Invalid Date header set in mail Message
ZF2-508 Return proper server host name when behind a proxy
ZF2-509 Zend\Di\DefinitionList with ClassDefinition collecting supertypes problem
ZF2-510 Invalid version number in ZF2 RC6
ZF2-511 Random Errors
ZF2-512 InputFilter cannot be serialized
ZF2-513 InputFilter\Factory should accept instances of InputInterface or InputFilterInterface in configuration array
ZF2-514 Fatal error thrown when accessing merge method on non-existing object
ZF2-515 Console Application does not dispatch ControllerAction
ZF2-516 formRow View Helper does not recognize / utilize injected translator service
ZF2-517 GenericHeader should be able to parse header with empty value
ZF2-518 Binding objects to collections of the form
ZF2-519 Unable to use persistent HTTPS connections with \Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Socket
ZF2-520 Logger exception handler generates a badly formatted log message
ZF2-521 ReCaptcha broken namespace
ZF2-522 db query with experssion that returns an empty results, return one row with all columns eq to null
ZF2-523 InputFilter does not validate empty values
ZF2-524 Zend\Http\Cookies - Undefined fields, undefined constants, undefined methods..
ZF2-525 ZendService_Amazon: AbstractEc2: setRegion
ZF2-526 Zend\Form\Factory::factory() doesn't work
ZF2-527 Test Suite Issues