Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-528 Quoted "and" operator in "on" expression, if not uppercase
ZF2-529 Nonexisting route in Url view helper inside link just dies
ZF2-530 Zend\Code\Scanner\ClassScanner::getProperty() is not implemented.
ZF2-531 Zend log to Db writer and MySQL
ZF2-532 ClassMapAutoloader::realPharPath() rejects valid phar scheme
ZF2-533 UriTest::testNormalizeUrl failure on Mac OS
ZF2-534 Zend\Log\Writer\Syslog prevents setting application name
ZF2-535 The Log module is not ServiceManager friendly
ZF2-536 In \Zend\Db\Insert, VALUES_MERGE flag from "values" method does not work properly
ZF2-537 'ProvidesEvents' uses traits which is part of PHP 5.4
ZF2-538 Zend\Db\Sql\Expresion fails on int params
ZF2-539 class Zend\Form\View\Helper\FormImage should not have "value" in validTagAttributes
ZF2-540 Zend\Http\Client\CookieJar is broken
ZF2-541 Zend\Log\Writer\Stream cannot be used in error handlers
ZF2-542 Fatal Error glob()
ZF2-543 Zend\Cache missing adapter for xcache
ZF2-544 Collection extract method updates targetElement object to an existing value
ZF2-545 Collection dealing with objects that can not be overwritten problem.
ZF2-546 Duplicate check for "time" element type
ZF2-547 PDO driver does not return last generated ID
ZF2-548 Collection objects are not correctly binded
ZF2-549 Zend\Log\Formatter\ErrorHandler does not handle complex events generated by error handlers
ZF2-550 International Float Validator Does not Recognize 5.00 as a Float
ZF2-551 Db\Sql\Insert: use of __set add a new column as if already exists
ZF2-552 Zend\Validator\EmailAddress handle \' character