Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-553 Implement missing storage adapters
ZF2-554 Implement XCache storage adapter
ZF2-555 Implement Redis storage adapter
ZF2-556 Undefined methods post() and query() in Zend\Form docs
ZF2-557 Subform validation
ZF2-558 Radio, MultiCheckbox and Select with dynamically added values
ZF2-559 ZendGData\HttpClient::setRawDataStream calls undefined method Zend\Http\Client::setRawData
ZF2-560 Calling Zend\Form::getInputFilter() more than once adds default input filters multiple times
ZF2-561 Console Prompt Literal String
ZF2-562 Zend\Log\Write\Db creates non-existing database table columns
ZF2-563 Zend\Log\Write\Db::mapEventIntoColumn creates non-existing database table column due to PHP type juggling
ZF2-564 NoRecordExists and RecordExists 'exclude' field string
ZF2-565 Multiple module routing issue
ZF2-566 Undefined indexes and huge args-data in Zend\Log\Formatter\ExceptionHandler::format
ZF2-567 AbstractFactory : createServiceWithName even if canCreateServiceWithName return false
ZF2-568 setDefaultTranslator()
ZF2-569 Validate error with ,0 in I18n\Float
ZF2-570 Pgsql adapater has codes related to MySQL
ZF2-571 Validation fails on multi_checkbox form type when nothing is checked.
ZF2-572 Step Validator uses the unprecise fmod function and fails for floats that are internally represented differently
ZF2-573 Can not not select columns from a table
ZF2-574 Not prefixing columns with table name creates invalid query
ZF2-575 Can not check if table is read only in Sql\Select
ZF2-576 AbstractPluginManager and creationOptions
ZF2-577 Password fields should always be empty by default