Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-52 ::regenerateId() fails and ::rememberMe() clears session storage
ZF2-53 Application option "autoloaderprefixes" is not used
ZF2-54 Default value is not corresponding with the Unit Test
ZF2-55 DateTextBox and TimeTextBox to accept Zend\Date for setValue
ZF2-56 BC in API of Zend\Json\Decoder fails some unit tests
ZF2-57 Zend\Http\Client does not switch method to POST when you have used setParameterPost
ZF2-58 Classmap generator broken on Win32
ZF2-59 Bad default path for CLDR resources in CLDR adapter
ZF2-60 No unit tests for intl data adapter of locale
ZF2-61 Fatal errors on loader tests
ZF2-62 Fatal errors on cloud tests
ZF2-63 Unit tests problems in Zend\Code
ZF2-64 Configuration overwriting
ZF2-65 Zend\Di\Definition\Builder\InjectionMethod does not return the proper array structure for the parameter information
ZF2-66 Error in the class Zend\Db\Table\AbstractTable in the method getReference().
ZF2-67 Make Code Generator component more extensible
ZF2-68 Zend View escape for helpers fails if variables set to view as array
ZF2-69 exception 'Zend\Http\Exception\InvalidArgumentException' with message 'Invalid URI passed as string' in vendor/Zend/library/Zend/Http/Request.php:176
ZF2-70 zf create dbtable error (dev4)
ZF2-71 MD2 support in Zend_Crypt is a potential problem as it is no longer supported by OpenSSL
ZF2-72 Form tests suite is broken
ZF2-73 Invalid return type on Zend\Http\Response->getStatusCode()
ZF2-74 \Zend\Http\Request::getRawBody() is undefined method (called in test case RequestTest.php)
ZF2-75 Fixes CS for some abstract classes (classname, and location)
ZF2-76 Zend\View\Helper\Partial clears variables in the view if cloned from