Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-77 Zend\Db\Profiler\Firebug references FirePhp where it's not
ZF2-78 Http\Client throws RuntimeException when passed additional Encoding info.
ZF2-79 File Decorator incorrect call of helper leads loss of attributes
ZF2-80 require_once - statements without __DIR__ do not work, if Zend Framework isn't in include_path
ZF2-81 E_STRICT error in Mvc\Bootstrap "Redefining already defined constructor for class Zend\Mvc\Bootstrap"
ZF2-82 Error while executing
ZF2-83 customNaming not set in CacheManager
ZF2-84 does not include several top-level classes
ZF2-85 Missing break in \Zend\Di\Configuration
ZF2-86 Calling $this->render('...') from within a layout script erases layout variables
ZF2-87 Zend_Tool cannot be used because no Zend\Reflection resources are available
ZF2-88 Zend Tool
ZF2-89 Either include Zend\Tool and Zend\Console in the Standard Distribution or exclude zf.php from it
ZF2-90 Call to undefined method Zend\Code\Generator\FileGeneratorRegistry::registerFileCodeGenerator()
ZF2-91 Remove usage of loadClass
ZF2-92 $this->url(); don`t instantiate a router on __invoke method
ZF2-93 Right to left and Joined characters in Arabic and Persian words.
ZF2-94 Cannot redeclare class ZendTest\Cloud\Infrastructure\Adapter\Skip
ZF2-95 OpenId rediret fails (in testcase)
ZF2-96 Locator Dispatch Security
ZF2-97 Can't run when port specified in URL
ZF2-98 Manual build to PDF target fails due to XSLT problem
ZF2-99 Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Socket throws TimeoutException when the response status is 302 and keepalived enabled
ZF2-100 /Zend/Http/Client/Adapter/Proxy broken after changing zend_config options naming convention
ZF2-101 Zend\Loader\ClassMapLoader | realpath() is not tolerant of phar paths