Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-127 Zend_Feed_Reader_Feed_AbstractFeed sorting
ZF2-128 add zend_measure to pyrus
ZF2-129 Zend_ACL and Zend_RBAC Components
ZF2-130 preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in ZendFramework/library/Zend/Validator/EmailAddress.php on line 315
ZF2-131 'dispatch.pre' and '' not triggered within ActionController class
ZF2-132 Fatal error in Zend\GData\AuthSub.php (line 117). Method request() has not been implemented.
ZF2-133 CLONE - Zend_Cache_Core::save() requires that $data be a string or that it be auto-serialized
ZF2-134 CLONE - Add multi get support ( exemple, for memcached )
ZF2-135 CLONE - Memcache Semaphore Keys
ZF2-136 CLONE - Zend_Cache_Backend_Memory
ZF2-137 CLONE - Tags should be emulated when they are not supported
ZF2-138 CLONE - Limit the character set of cache ID in _validateIdOrTag
ZF2-139 Zend\Cache\Storage\Adapter\Dba
ZF2-140 Undefined variable
ZF2-141 AJAX-ready sessions
ZF2-142 Zend\Di ignores default parameters values
ZF2-143 When assembling string based on routes and route parameters, an absent optional parameter throws InvalidArgumentException even when there are no child routes of the terminating route
ZF2-144 Zend\Stdlib\PriorityQueue clone problem
ZF2-145 Zend\GData\Youtube throws an Exception
ZF2-146 Zend\Code\Reflection\DocBlock\GenericTag
ZF2-147 headers values are set in wrong a way in Zend\OAuth\Http\Client
ZF2-148 Injection in abstract class constructor
ZF2-149 Route match does not provide matched parameters (e.g. in segment)
ZF2-150 Add support for controller plugin direct() method calls
ZF2-151 Add addUseClass Method in ClassGenerator