Issues for ZF2

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ID Title
ZF2-152 Zend\Db\TableAbstractRowset::offsetGet references old Exception
ZF2-153 Zend\Ldap\Node\RootDse is on some places called as RootDSE
ZF2-154 Message will send with an empty body if only a single mime message body part is assigned
ZF2-155 Message always includes empty CC header if no cc was specified
ZF2-156 HTTP 308 Resume Incomplete missing in Zend\Http\Response
ZF2-157 pdo adapter mysql is not in the pdo Namespace
ZF2-158 Impossible to show image generated by imagepng / imagejpeg functions
ZF2-159 Zend\Code - Docblock or DocBlock
ZF2-160 Cannot send Array of Objects From Flex to Zend Amf PHP Server
ZF2-161 InvalidArgumentException in CLDR lookup functions
ZF2-162 Undefined variable $hex
ZF2-163 The description for the Zend\Di\Di Exception
ZF2-164 Incorrect territory data for Vietnam
ZF2-165 README-DEV.txt still mentions phpunit-3.4.0 should be phpunit-3.5.0
ZF2-166 Redundant argument passed in ZendSkeleton
ZF2-167 unable to get territories list
ZF2-168 Strict checking in \Zend\Loader\AutoloaderFactory
ZF2-169 Zend\Http\Header\SetCookie::fromString fails to parse cookie when contains unknown attributes
ZF2-170 \Zend\Filter\StringTrim sometimes works incorrectly
ZF2-171 Application finish event
ZF2-172 Stdlib\SignalHandlers tests will fail in PHP5.4 or over
ZF2-173 Fix classname references inside classes and tests
ZF2-174 Zend\Service\Twitter throws an Exception
ZF2-175 Two Ldap online tests are failing.
ZF2-176 Adapt several phpunit functions to be compatible with PHPUnit 3.6