Issues for ZF2

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ZF2-177 Zend\Mail\Transport\Sendmail sends duplicate Subject due to adding header and use of mail function
ZF2-178 Zend/Controller references still unchanged
ZF2-179 Serializer\Adapter\PhpCode 's testcase will fail in PHP 5.4
ZF2-180 displayGroup->AddElemet() and then its rendered twice
ZF2-181 Zend_Json_Server only allows error codes RESERVED for JSON-RPC implementation
ZF2-182 Better API documentation
ZF2-183 Zend\View\Renderer\JsonRenderer -> recurseModel() returns Zend\View\Variables instead of an array
ZF2-184 Inexistent injection parameters are ignored
ZF2-185 LF/CR statically given in \Zend\Mail\Headers.php::toString()
ZF2-186 Config::merge() replacing numeric config settings
ZF2-187 Notice: Undefined property: PDOStatement::$error
ZF2-188 PDO driver options are reindexed
ZF2-189 DSN creation in Zend\Db\Adapter\Driver\Pdo\Connection
ZF2-190 Specifying connection charset for Mysqli
ZF2-192 AbstractTableGateway::update() must be compatible with that of TableGatewayInterface::update()
ZF2-193 Zend\View\Resolver\TemplatePathStack suffix behavior is too restrictive for multiple suffixes
ZF2-194 $_SERVER not defined in Zend\Locale\Locale::getBrowser
ZF2-195 Zend\Db (beta3): unable not to quote a column value
ZF2-196 Multipart type respected in Zend\Mail\Message::setBody
ZF2-197 \Zend\Config\Factory::fromFile does not manage 'sections' for ini files ?
ZF2-198 Folder "Zend\File" is missing.
ZF2-199 Update Zend Authentication to work with new DB components
ZF2-200 Update Zend\Validator\Db* to work with new DB components
ZF2-201 Layout rendering on JsonModel return
ZF2-202 PHP Fatal Error in Zend\Db\Adapter\Driver\Pdo\Connection::getDefaultSchema() when using a Postgresql database